Zero No Tsukaima summon a Human As a Familiar
Zero No Tsukaima summon a Human As a Familiar

Zero No Tsukaima summon Hiraj Saito specifications: Saito is a young man with blue eyes and black hair. He wore a loose blue sweater, long sleeves, and a short-sleeved white collar. He wore black jeans with a blue sneaker and a white shirt.

Zero No Tsukaima summon a Human As a Familiar
Zero No Tsukaima summon a Human As a Familiar

Saito’s character: Before we start the story there is a biography of Saito, who in the light novel had a middle personality in everything, whether those grades are athletic or charming to his classmates.

He or his character traits are curiosity and this was greatly interested in him This is followed by, and Saito is a savior and special to Mrs. Louise, who has shown readiness to fight despite the harsh conditions and hardships facing him and was intended to protect him as a student.

Saito was hired to some degree of mundane life, waiting for anything of importance to him, By saying that he has little suck because he never thinks Before A, acting thus ends that call.

After being summoned

he proved that he could have been highly adaptable, had been ignored by the commissions, had the instincts of the dependency of Luthiz, where Zero No Tsukaima had violent behavior, and was properly raised, yet.

This was severely disrupted, having been summoned to fight and help Saito has proved that there are rumors that he is manipulating a little because he has weaknesses and emotions for others and this against a personality and there are also conflicts and has been in fits of anger in terms of Louise continued, and are considered weaknesses.

It is also characteristic of Saito that he sometimes seemed emotionally strong and in many situations involving the defense of his lover, and was seriously trying to see others and those who had a social place or whether they had magical abilities and despite this.

Saito is a teenage boy with perverse desires for women, but he was loyal to Louise and Louise was always jealous and also betrayed.

It is known that Saito belonged to a world of high technology that had a lot of history but there were many conflicts but he overlooked all the selfishness of many of the region’s nobles.

Saito had many female relationships because his personality is romantic and has many positions in this matter and shows him and this was causing jealousy towards Louise.

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Background on the personality and life of Saito

Saito lived a very normal life in Japan. He always walked home and in his hand a computer found a large green gate. Saito continued to touch the gate. He was taken to a foreign world after touching that gate and he said that Louise would be with.

It was time to recall after Saito had his computer after a great attempt to repair that computer, but he came home through that magical gate and was also in the mood and curiosity of Saito was always improving but he was so confused.

When he got to the other side so he was not forced to sit down He was shocked at the anime and did not know much about the language they spoke but after Louise’s attempts to give him a mantra.

But there was someone who spoke in Japanese and there was full knowledge of concealment, although the gate between the world of Saito and the world of Luiz and knew the names of the characters around him Who is Dthon in French.




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