"Ushio & Tora"
“Ushio & Tora”

A short time ago, I had a subscription “standard” at DNA to test (story not die con). Just a word on it and then I stop spitting my venom. When you take a normal abo you can not see the movies of course! It is still a shame to have to pay 4.50 in addition to the monthly subscription of around € 7. In short among the selection of anime that I chose to watch I did not have a crush but by cons I will still continue to watch anime in progress.

Ushio & Tora Ushio is a young college student living in a temple. Shigure her, father is the high priest of this temple. He will tell his son stories about youkai. Following a “skid” of Ushio, he will discover the sacred spear that shelters the temple and a supplement at the end (yes it’s Tora but it spoils anything to the anime) … He will use this spear and his worse enemy to destroy the Yökais who threatens his entourage and his city (like the superhero what).

We find episodically, fighting against big demons not nice that will give Ushio a hard time. “Ushio & Tora”


Ushio Aotsuki

Young college boy, he is the son of the high priest of his temple. He is like all the characters at the base, someone banal and without particular talent. “Ushio & Tora”


Attention it is not grouh but against it can recharge your iphone in 3 minutes (see even the grill.) Tora is the Yokai to the devastating power that dreams of destroying the world. He will have to follow Ushio which will give place to situations more than hilarious but really badass in the fights 😉

For the moment no other interesting characters, I would come back later when I find other characters essential to the story. “Ushio & Tora”

My opinion

Roughly I find the action scenes quite rhythmic and sympathetic. The interactions between the two protagonists (enemies in addition) are often found in comical situations and the point of humor makes that the rhythm changes between combat and “calm” situations.

In general, I like when anime starts strong, and there for once there is not too much blah before attending the meeting of the two main characters. “Ushio & Tora”


Dynamic or classic for an anime action, the opening remains in the theme without staying in the head

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