• Genre(s): Action, Military, Adventure

Girls und Panzer director Tsutomu Mizushima‘s new unique anime, The Kotobuki Squadron within the wilderness, will top of the line this January. His state-of-the-art project facilities around a group of bodyguards for lease known as the Kotobuki Squadron. The institution is led by using a beautiful but strict squadron chief who should keep her rambunctious squad below manage. but when it comes time to combat, they take to the air to battle towards the pirates that plague the skies, pushing their Hayabusa warring parties to the restrict.

According to Mizushima : the anime could be a combination of 3DCG and hand drawings. And in contrast to women und Panzer — which featured diverse types of tanks from around the arena — the airplanes inside the Kotobuki Squadron in the wasteland are all jap-made. So, no overseas opponents will seem in the series. make sure you tune in this January to comply with this eccentric all-lady institution of fighter pilots running to defend the aerial transport lanes of a enormous wilderness.



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