The latest events of the Hunter x Hunter


The latest events of the Hunter x Hunter is a story that revolves around the story that there is a bounty hunter called Gene Friks.

and this hunter was on a long journey in his hometown of Whale Island and the hunter was carrying a young child one year old called Gun Friks.

Whose mother had already died at birth and left this child in the care of his grandmother Loja Just did Mito.
this is for the time with his father because of his work as a hunter, and he left the village again and hasn’t returned to her since he left and The latest events of the Hunter x Hunter.

Mito took care of a gun until he became nine years old and he used to go to the jungle near their house to play and have fun.

His story with Bear and Fox

When he was playing gun in the jungle, he saw a small bear, and Gon wanted to carry that Fox to his house.

But he was surprised by the female bear, attacking him in defense of her little gun, but by chance, if a man named Captu was passing by and he saved gun life, and he eliminated the female bear.

When did not notice that there are signs left by the bear to make scratches on the trees and it is a sign that there is a bear in this place.
and the man decided to take care of his son until he depended on himself and The latest events of the Hunter x Hunter

On the other hand, Captu learned that Gon is an orphan and lives with his grandmother and aunt in a small house and close to the forest and.
also learned that John’s father is called Friks and that this man knows the father of gun and that he was trained on his hands to stints the hunting profession and that this August is still alive.

Captu Gon said that he is 10 years old and is now qualified to enter a test to become a fisherman and tell him that he is ready for this, and Captu Gon went home and told his aunt about what happened in the jungle today and that he was rescued by this man and he also said that he is ready to participate in the fishermen exam and The latest events of the Hunter x Hunter.

What did Aunt Gon say in his desire to become a hunter?

Mito said she had no desire that a gun would become a hunter like his father, and after attempts by a gun to his aunt.

She agreed to enter the fishermen’s test, provided he catches a big fish, and this fish, a lot of fishermen failed to hunt them, but Gon had insisted on making this fish, and almost broke the hook that was mine.

Gon will serve her, but his aunt decided to give him his father’s hook, which he left, so he grabbed a gun with that fish and managed to catch it. His aunt’s desire to participate in the fishermen’s exam was realized.

Gon And Yorio

GON has gone to his grandmother, his aunt, and the Thracian bear who was taking care of him, went to a small boat town, arrived in the city, met someone named Yorio, and he wanted to be tired, exhausted, and very hungry.

A gun had given him an apple and then went to the ship and headed to Dora Island for tests but it happened that thieves stole my His bit and rod.
but he managed to return the bag and the hook and The latest events of the Hunter x Hunter.

Then he went to the ship and sailed with them but suddenly the fog was thick and calm and the strong storm began and ordered the captain to take down the sails and asked everyone to face the storm because it will pass peacefully.

And the captain said that the gun exam began the moment of their ascent to the ship and the candidates rejected the exam and also answer me The tests and the title of the professional hunting so that the gun can search on his father.

And after he arrived to Dora Island he advised the ship’s master to go to a single cedar tree on the top of the mountain and there is the test and The latest events of the Hunter x Hunter .

Gon And Bourbon

GON has decided to extend his hand to the bourbon even though there were snakes until he had a serum to be treated and shortly after the gun returned to his activity again.

On the other hand the Fishermen’s Association when meeting gun no longer has a desire to become president of the Fishermen’s Association and appointed his deputy until he heals a gun from his hand which Lost and The latest events of the Hunter x Hunter.

Then, Gon learned that his father Jane Friks was waiting for him on top of the high tree and went to the tree place and climbed the tree until he reached the top of the tree

And found his father who wanted to be a reliable professional hunter and obtain a license from the most qualified fishermen and The latest events of the sniper

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