The characters of the series of the seven sins the cardinal sins are classified based on evils or what is classified as immoral and what may lead man to fall into sin.

The seven sins, which the Lord hates, and which are repugnant to the spirit and the characters of the series of the seven sin

What are the seven sins?

  • Young jabots
  • The tongue Lied
  • Hands that shed innocent blood.
  • The heart that arranges evil plots.
  • The feet that are speeding to harm
  • A deceitful witness who speaks a lie and the characters of the series of the seven sins.

The Seven sins are also: pridecheapnessgluttonyragelustenvylaziness


Pride is one of the most dangerous things for the seven deadly sins, and it is an essential source because it stems from the rest of the sins and is also the desire to be a person of importance and to be more attractive than others.
ِAnd not to recognize the good work of others and this person has an excessive self-love and has a subjective in the proper relationship with God and The characters of the series of the seven sins.

The cheapness

The cheapness of greed means the acquisition of wealth in particular, and St. Patrick Aquinas said that greed is a sin against God, like all other sins that humans commit, just as the man sacrifices everything for his own good.


And envy is like greed and this differs with this because of the main and greed is largely associated with material goods but envy can apply more widely, and all that they commit sin and envy feel resentment when they see the things they miss in others and they wish this thing to disappear from others so that they do not enjoy by someone else


They are prostitution, debauchery, excessive ideas or desires of a sexual nature, surrender to sexual desires, and this can lead to sexual or social motives or abuses, including sexual addiction, adultery, brutality, rape, and homosexuality and the characters of the series of the seven sins.


Anger is an extraordinary and undisciplined sentiment of hatred and also impatience and a desire for vengeance and evil.

And anger is the only sin that is necessarily associated with selfishness and private interests and that the motive for anger is selfishness like jealousy


Gluttony is overeating and eating eagerly in the barbaric eating of food and excessive consumption of anything to waste.


Laziness is negligent in taking care of something and neglecting to do anything and everything that should be done in order to salvation and non-indifference and apathy, shows signs of depression without joy.

No joy is a rejection of everything or enjoy anything and enjoy the goodness of God, this is considered the opposite of this and indifference take it A spiritual affliction that discouraged people’s resolve to do their job

The special and specific things of the seven sins are

Generosity: Generosity of the signs of charity and love and not being stingy and giving the poor and needy the decency: to abide by the virtues and not to allow the residence

Moderation: It is moderation and not exaggerating in things patience: the lack of rejection and boredom and the recognition of good and patience on the scourge

Kindness: A kindness to the needy and the poor who has no ability to treat others gently

Humility: a lack of arrogance and the love of the poor and not arrogance and humility in the dealings

It is worth mentioning that those who cannot resist these seven evils are exposing their lives to a catastrophic failure in their jobs, their professions, their social status and even salvation from themselves.

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