Sword Art Online: Escaping to The Real World

Sword Art Online is a story set in the near future and has many heroes, including the protagonist Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki.

Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online

While they were playing, Kawahara wrote that story, On the other hand, a virtual game has been launched with a lot of players and this online and that game focused in the mind of the player significantly.

Take advantage of the tab

There are a lot of themes and backgrounds such as dark swords, but there are many new backgrounds and types are added to the groups daily, and this is to get tabs, but is done every week fits with the supplement screen.

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What was obtained

There is a reality exists for what has been visited favorite and this means that there are new tabs very high and accurate sword on the Internet and there is a sword art logo on the Internet as the pics inside the application every week a quick interface with Liz and shows them a clear and clean design.

There are signs Free tab can be obtained and with more search for the perfect place to get your favorite backgrounds through the Internet to whiten and clarify the underworld, as we have the application of the sword on the Internet, which is unique and Sword Art Online.

SAO Story

Virtual reality progressed very quickly, hence the launch of a great game and a huge and many players on the Internet and is called the art of the sword, and with a certain technical assistance, and where players can control their characters from within that game and this using their mind only.

There were a lot of people who tried the game and they are lucky and then after its launch until he finds himself with ten thousand players in the world of INCRAD, he has a lot of wonderful weapons, a medieval and terrible monsters and Sword Art Online..

Players realize that events are in a world where they are required to reach the floor above the water in that terrible game.

Kiribati must interact with the allies, as others are the enemies of Asuna Boki.

She leads a group of powerful people trying to get into that game, making things worse, and thus commissioning Kiribto in a new incident fighting alive, so that the virtual hell that can be eliminated. Live by it and Sword Art Online.

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How to register for that game?

This is to discover that they were not SAO the player logs on cyberspace in the main window, incapable to sign out, hence Kayaba appears and tries to choose the players but they must try.

Overcome to the 100th round of Aincrad from a castle of steel, which is to have the desire to continue in that game or they can remove Nerve Gear but they will suffer real deaths.

Also, there are players named Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya but selected from among 1000 players in the previous beta version of the game, and the search engine exists to protect the testers of that game completely isolates itself from the larger groups alone.

He carries the cloak of this person as he chooses a beta with that players They progress through that game, but Kirito eventually encounters a young girl named Asuna Yuki, who forms a relationship and will soon marry her in the game.

This is after the duo discovered the secret identity of Kayaba while playing a role in the game, which is the role of the union leader to which Asuna And devices but they tried to ruin dramatically, that’s Rear themselves out of the game and Sword Art Online.


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