There is a new room close to the hotel but there is no explanation of the history of episode 13 of the broadcast of the episodes of Sword Art Online on the MIA, but there were reasons for this, as it was discovered soon and from here can be seen Episode 13 of Sword Art Online Alicization, and how You can watch these episodes, but there was a need for a quick party and this is to be followed before the date of issuance of the new branch and Sword Art Online.

The live broadcast of the program every Saturday of Crunchy roll every week, but there is a bit of a bit puzzled that the December 29 show was not home to the SAO in the episode Alicia 13 instead. A short break from the Integrity Knights world will be obtained.

Moreover, it is not considered a long downtime, after which the broadcast of episode 13 of Sword Art Online Alicization is determined in JANUARY, and branch and Sword Art Online.

On the other hand, it will not only end this offer, but everything that is new and real will soon be acquired. This is in addition to a series of other dramatic events, specifically in episode 13, and in the second chapter after the beginning, we are wary of a big gap between the seasons and they can rest easily and the SAO seems to be showing no signs of deceleration after our arrival in 2019. Both of these will be broadcast naturally with the submarines on this Crunch Roll along with all previous episodes.

Another Integrity Knight in red armor shows up to stop their fight.
Kirito meets Cardinal who reveals the secrets about the Axiom Church and Quinella.

Eugeos vs Raios and Humbert nobles. Can Eugeo stop their bullying and make Teise and Ronie happy
UW Best Girl Alice Integrity Knight Appears!

Teise’s Request involves helping an abused girl by the nobles.

Kirito gets new sword using Giga Cedar tree branch

Kirito uses New Powers Against Goblins

Eugeo and Kirito vs Goblins to save Selka. Eugeos almost died but Selka used high level sacred arts to save Eugeo.

Young Kirio, A5lice, Eugeo all live in the VR world Underworld in SAO season 3.
Underworld is the VR world created by the Soul Translator that is developed by the company Rath.

There was no official reason for the delay, especially since it did not have a beginning for a new chapter, where the second court would start the following week, but it would make sense for the show to take a little time during that season and holidays, but there were fewer eyes on this during Christmas New Year’s Day.

Besides, this absence makes the heart and we can go without Kirito and Asuna for no more than a week is not it.

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The Sword Art Online Air Date Delayed

Asuna and Koujiro enjoyed a meal together on Ocean Turtle. Asuna wondered about the current location and was not allowed to connect to the Ocean Turtle Wi-Fi network. This happened because of the security measures. The only information that was said to be vague was that she asked Rinko if she knew any But she revealed that she knew everything about her completely and then there would be a ship from the big window of the ocean turtle. But a question about this is how they got the fish they eat in spite of this, but it looks like a warship.

The Knight of Integrity Eugeo did not believe Kirito on all this but he expects that the art that was allowed to the official to become a knight was unable to Kirito understanding of the situation, but after I told him that there is still hope decided to fight Eugeo Kirito to bring his sword, Kirito gave the blue rose sword to Alice but EUGEO was embodied in art while Alice to Kereto made it clear to him then prepared the Eugeo prepared himself and entered the position and then began fighting.

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SAO Season 3 gives you GGO Asuna and GGO Kirito teaming up with GGO Klein, GGO Sinon and GGO Silica!
Even a few GGO Fatal Bullet Characters made a cameo.



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