Strike The Blood
Strike The Blood

Strike The Blood is a series of light Japanese novels, written by Gakuto Mikumo and the story of Kojo Akachuki, a high school high school student, He is the fourth-born and most powerful vampire of all time.

Strike The Blood
Strike The Blood

The school was always watching him and trying to prevent him if he came out of control, They always send a girl to watch the vampire and he was always active and has a large and permanent nerve capacity.

Strike The Blood Storyline

Primogenitor is the first and most powerful vampire in the world and this is what has been circulated in mythology, along with Twelve Kingo, the vampire has appeared to observe the fourth product, hence the government and the king decided to send an attack and was named the sword Shaman, It was also anti-bacterial and Strike the Blood.

On the other hand, vampires always live that they need to drink more blood as they always have power and control, There was an unusual love story too and it is considered a kind of madness and there are crooked ways in this story.

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The personality of Kojou

Kojou is a typical high school student in Saikawi who is considered the founder of the fourth ancestor, When he was sexually aroused, he bleeds blood from his nose and gives in to blood and rest only when he drinks blood.

Kojou enjoyed the common vampire trait and was also a superhuman force with reactions and also had powers, especially when there was control over the prey of another person who controlled a familiar and unknown person and Strike the Blood.

Who is Shaman Saif?

Shaman Saif was in the middle school and was working for the fourth caliph and with the learning to eliminate him, Shaman Saif was equipped with another magic and named Sikaru.

She was a watchdog and then moved to another flat somewhere else. The first target was the vampire and she became the first partner in the bloodshed, but she always showed her love for Kojo but there was jealousy for the other women.

She surrendered to Kojo and from here she was able to control a loved one in a short time and was married to Kojo and had his son named Reina.

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Asami Seto

Asami Seto is a friend who is an expert and works for a company to manage Itugami Island, which runs from there island and city.

Rina Hidaka

Rina Hidaka is the sister of Kujo Sungri, who is studying in the middle school of the Saikai Academy and Rina Hidaka

This was done after Shikane’s attack four years ago, but it passed through critical moments. This was when Najisa was unconscious and always helped them and Strike the Blood.

Kanae Ito

She is also a friend of Nagisa, a place where wild cats meet. Kanae Ito is an illegitimate daughter.

She also has a non-sister uncle in Liberia. She was born in Japan and was known as Lord, a vampire and became ambassador.

It was on the island of Itugami, and this was because of his feet in that matter, and they knew that he was a family member known as a snake.

Kaori Ishihara is considered to be the fourth predecessor and his authority was transferred to Kujo at the time of her death as part of her soul, whatever that means he sometimes has decisive moments and control over the XII and is considered familiar and Strike the Blood.


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