Steins; Gate The Discover of Time Travel
Steins; Gate The Discover of Time Travel

Steins; Gate in The beginning of the story is that Rintaro lives in a dilapidated old building in Akihabara, where he indulges in his favorite hobby of inventing futuristic gadgets with his lab-mate, He always tries to hire the crazy world.

Steins; Gate
Steins; Gate

He has a friend named Miori, who is considered a childhood friend. The delinquents were nicknamed Daru and they had another friend named Hashida Itaru, and they always spend a long time tinkering with strange ways, including promising contraceptives so far.

One of the things they were doing was that there was an iPhone microwave that performed a strange function of turning bananas into piles of Green gel.

Okabee always did strange research on a scientific inquiry, and he was pushing the lab members to work in those mysterious events with complete success. He did the microwave sending e-mails to the world, and this led to a lot of information about ancient history.

This story or story has won the approval of everyone, especially from reading and also through the work of scientific theory, which was borne by the burdens of the keys at this time through the different threads between the present and the past.

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Steins; Gate Gameplay

And began to play between friends in a simple interaction of the player and this is because most of the duration of the game depends on who reads the text through the screen.

This has an active role in that it represents that different characters or ideas of the protagonist such as dialogue between different characters or ideas of the hero of the novel, This is like many other visual novels, and there are several points, including preventing the user from this option to influence the direction of the game.

This is where the answer to the call or to be ignored and contains the text messages that are received by the limited words and in that case under all words a red line, and from here the player can choose how to respond to these words telephone and text messages.

Setting and themes

In summer and especially in 2010 and this after the events in Akihabara, and here can be observed physical places of Akihabara, the monitoring of the building of Kayakan, because it is an easy place to get parts of the devices, which made the ideal place for people who are interested in inventions and tampering with things.

The idea of travel is one of the main themes of the game and shows the cause and the result in a large extent in the game where the hero travels the novel in this time more than once to do technical work in an attempt to change what happened in the future.

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Main Characters

This is a great role in the game, or Capi is considered an odd individual, and he is also a crazy scientist who declared himself a pseudonym.

He was named Mayuri and Dawood by the name of Ocaran, the title holder and his name, The instrument of the future.

He pointed out that the organization that was followed by the organizations that talk about him and his phone, and also to participate in the bouts of crazy laughter, and often make fun of them this behavior, and was most of the time takes a personal arrogant to a certain extent and here is seen Dressed in his own coat.

during his experience traveling through time He knows that he is the only one who has the ability to identify each Agheirat between the different parties lapsing when he was at the age of 18 years and was a student in the first year.


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