It was a coincidence that the intense heat wave that raged on Japan early Starving Anonymous had an echo in reality this summer, with historical records of heat on the archipelago. Fortunately, the coincidence stops there, because this new manga publishing Pika depicts a horrifying universe that does not lack a certain morbid imagination.

The J-Horror has become accustomed to it in the cinema, as well as many authors very inspired in the manga: the creative perimeter of the horror in the Japanese culture is very lively and never fails to astonish. Without being at the height of the mangaka who made the success of the genre, such as Junji Ito, Shintaro Kago or Suehiro Maruo, the three authors who are behind Starving Anonymous are doing very well.

Two writers, Yuu Kuraishi and Kengo Mizutani, not less, to tell the story of Iye and Kazu’s adventures. At the drawing board, it was Kazu Inabe, who had already committed Fortress of Apocalypse, who plunged us into a school infested with zombies, a kind of Dead Rising in manga. To stay on the drawing of Inabe, Starving Anonymous is a real success. The representation of the bodies is particularly realistic, and simultaneously outrageous, not far from sometimes recalling the trait of Boishi, master of the morphological genre.

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