Satomi Murano, the reason for the departure

Satomi Murano
Satomi Murano

Satomi Murano is a teenage and attractive girl, and there are many people who have feelings towards Satomi, this make Shinichi enter into battles she has and several different appearances in anime and manga.

Satomi Muarano has beautiful, attractive hair and a chestnut-length color with her hair cut in front with a green hair clip and brown eyes, and in the manga, she has a hair length with a hanging fringe on the left side and dark eyes that may be characterized by Satomi Murano.

Parasyte Character

From here, Satomi was photographed to be a young girl in the middle age, she enjoys a general beauty and joy, and she appears interested in Chiichi at the beginning of the show.

On the other hand, Satomi has a clear crush on Shinichi, her friends were disturbed with her, and Satomi was describing the change of Shinshi as gorgeous.

In addition, she even observes this For Chininshi himself, she also shows great interest in her friends and friends of Shinichi, which is clear when Satomi goes to Shinichi’s house to examine him and when he is absent from school or when he sees her deeply in thought.

Satomi Murano enjoys a very shy and timid personality and she is quiet and does not like violence, and all that you want him to love Shinshi and his feelings.

Satomi Murano diligent in the study and since she is human she will be weak and she loves her friends also she always go to visit Shinshi and ask about him if absent from school.

The character of Satomi Murano is a beautiful figure but she is not so glamorous, she has been in the same division choose Izumi and has signed in his love of the first look, and she always wanted Izumi to her where when she was away from him she felt that something had lost them.

And she was always afraid to stay away from him, Satoumi figure was intelligent but she had Her high suspicion, she was sceptical of Izumi because of his actions and always disturbed him with her constant suspicion, and she was characterized by her warm kindness to the animals and was sad when the death of any animal.

Satomi Murano very cowardly and always crying, Satomi Murano never like parasites, and you consider them monsters and never mercy, and she has femininity Very high and Satomi Murano would prefer if Izumi would love Hannah and not she p Hannah deserves this but unfortunately she has died and left Satomi Murano.

Satomi Murano the reason for the departure of Izumi’s personality

Satomi’s character has a great meaning, and she was the reason for the departure of Izumi’s personality especially in the killing of parasites.

He had wanted to be lost, and at her first appearance, he did not love her and had a constant distress of them, but he wished that the girl, who felt better black than her, and after her appearance in many episodes, became a very fascinating figure my theoretical, and all that attracted me to her is her shyness.

She, also her feminine femininity, dominates which he dominated and hung by Bayzomi, but the constant fear and from here, she was the second character in anime, which made me, and there are moments and wonderful shots of Satomi Murano.

Events Satomi Murano Story

The story revolves around the fact that there are parasitic creatures sweeping the human body to live in it and control it when the body enters successfully and can change its body to any creature you want.

However, most of these creatures conceal its truth and the reality of its deadly goal behind the faces with an ordinary inch, so no one knows about it So on one person Shin who is a student my high school.

Struggling hard to regain his body from the control of a parasite, can find a way to inform humanity of the next desire.


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