Saint Seiya The Ultimate Fight
Saint Seiya The Ultimate Fight

Saint Seiya is a series of anime and began in 1986 to 1989, the episodes of it were broadcast with about 40 episodes but they were full of stuffing.

Saint Seiya
Saint Seiya

In Greece in the 1980s, the god returned to the world, the Athens machine, which fought for humankind, and the machine was wearing the magic shield, among which the saints were also warriors.

The game can be selected as the player can choose to fight by the opponents and there are important scenes may be placed against the exercise can be played by one or more players.

Saint Seiya the Knights of the Zodiac and they are considered the Japanese manga series

Game development

This game is inspired by Saint Seiya and developed by Damps Corporation, It was published by Bandai and released in 2005 in Europe. The game contains five The characters are also playable, and there are bronze heroes of the series.

There are also 24 people who have been hidden in a hidden sense in the game, The sound effect is spoken in French.

There is also a voice in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish, supported by music and publishing problems, Fucking It also has a memory card and Saint Seiya.

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what is the story

After years of war long ago, Saori Kedo, a girl who suffered from a strong and mysterious, was saved by a boy who claims to be Seiya Bronze Saint and they fought a desperate battle Against a great saint there and has been written anonymously.

Story of Seiya

The story of Seiya, an orphaned child who went to Athens, received a strong training until he became a saint in Athens after years of training. After gaining possession of the Pegasus cloth, this was considered a legendary shield protected by the planet.

Seiya then returned to Japan and there met With Saori Kido, a granddaughter of the late Mitsumasa Kedo, the man who sent Seiya to Greece, the goal is to separate Seiya from his sister Sika, but Seiya did not retreat until he found his sister who disappeared on the same day Seiya left the country, but Saori was trying to Help him get his sister Seika again and Saint Seiya.

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