Re: Zero Death is only the beginning
Re: Zero Death is only the beginning

Re: Zero is a series of light novels dedicated to Re: Zero novels, which are light novels. The story was written by Nagatduki Tappei, Manga and Anime, which helps by adding articles and editing wiki and expanded in March 2014.

Re: Zero
Re: Zero

This story deviates from the Web novel and is about four times longer and shows that Natsuki Subaru did something contrary to what he did in the seven deadly sins.

After signing the contract with Subaru with ICEDNA, he decided to use the return to death to solve all his problems as the goal of saving everyone and also making Emilia finally a king with the advice of our hands enabled Subaru to address the problems he could face in the campus until everyone is saved

After being brought back to death, she was more than 100 million times lost a large number of votes, so woke up Subaru as she used to Mather Palace and was on the 14th of Kessam, and from the bed and wash his face smiling in the mirror in front of him.

He has visited the dreams of an icyna using a pendant in the neck on the usual routine.

After the return of Subaru again

After a very turbulent conversation with Ikidna, Subaru returned to the real world where he was greeted by Petra Litti to wake him up. After a call I woke up and Petra expressed concern for Subaru when the weather was very bad and it was time in the afternoon and while shopping

After Petra left, he started the Subaru routine daily and visited the courtyard of the palace to find the sparrow and the event every day as the goal became strong and largely influenced by the events that went down to the Holy Shrine.

He fought for how to put Subaru, where Subaru tried to isolate him from the villagers, and in the end he could not avoid the fate of the Temple. There was the great rabbit that Savaro tried to save.

This resulted in Phil being very aggressive towards Subaru and he did not join Camp Emilia. Frederica Bowman’s sister asked.

Reinhard was recruited to Camp Emilia by Subaru after he was used to return to death. Filette was eventually persuaded to give him up.

Reinhard was emotionally broken, Reinhard retired to the palace. Subaru tried intellectual waves through a necklace and made the right decision.

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Subaru is visiting Beatrice

Subaru went to visit Beatrice and was in a room similar to her old forbidden office that was burned in the old Rosal palace.

Beatrice sank in a state of deep depression and this is because Subaru was torn out of the library against her will during the campus events and has been hit and scratched in the face as well as in his neck At that time he asked what he should have done again.

Ekeidia tried to reassure him that he had made the right decision and said after a while she was open to him until the wound in his face was cured..

As the daily routines continued, Subaru had a chance to meet Roswell, who was in high spirits. Roswell said the two would cooperate and want to use all of this.

Subaru made a way to the room where RIM was and was still in a coma because of the glutonium ram effect in the room and this on the orders of Rosal had been ordered to be very polite to Subaru.

Had no real interest in being her sister in a coma and had been asking Subaru to leave The room was reminiscent of the ways in which RIM would wake up despite the number of times he would die that he would wake up.

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Re: Zero Death is only the beginning


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