Ranma and his girl curse
Ranma and his girl curse

Ranma is a manga series from Japan The story was written and also drawn by Takahashi Rumiko, in September 1987 to March 1996, the volume was collected by Shogakukan which is about 38 volumes.


Story events

The story revolves around a teenage boy named Ranma Sautumi who has been training the art of fighting since he was young. He loved this when he had an accident during his training trip, He was cursed until he became a girl who splashed with cold water.

Ranma was looking for anything short of his curse, while his friends, hundreds, and many fiancés were constantly interfering and interfering.

Ranma has a formula, a comic version and a key figure of sex change, and she often turns intentional to a girl to advance the target. The series may also contain many other characters, and lead the complex relations with each other.

Its characteristics are unusual, and his character was eccentric in most of the stories on Although the characters and their complex relationships are rarely changed once they are firmly introduced into the chain.

It is worth mentioning that the production and broadcast live on the live television has been on Nippon TV has been licensed manga and anime series was also the English version in North America and was the first in the Philippines.

While the first Vlimin in the United Kingdom, there is in Ranma Manga more Of the 53 million printed copies in Japan are referred to as manga and anime and hence became common in the United States, A training trip in the Bayankala mountain range

In the province of Qinghai, Ranma Soutumi and Jenma’s mother are in the damned springs of Gusenkyo.

When someone awoke in a damned spring and took the physical form of any sinking there for hundreds of years and was in contact with cold water, but that curse would come back when exposed to hot water.

A person may fall in a damned spring and take the physical form of any sinking there for hundreds of years but the curse will come back when exposed to hot water until cold water falls in the sunken panda, while Ranma falls in the spring of a sunken girl.

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Hot Water Curse

Soun Tendo, a martial arts classmate and also the owner of Dojo, agreed that Gnma and Sun had been on their children for years and they would marry as three teenage girls doing the work. The wedding was by her sisters, considering that she was the older sister and could give up Their duty, and they all hate.

It was the commandment of those arrested that the hatred of a human being of men is the right way to express it to the parents on time, and are surprised when the pandas may put the girl in front of her father.

They were all laughing, and were not consulted on that decision and were engaged and end up helping or saving Some of them on occasions, are often found in each other’s company and constantly argue in their brand in a hate-loving way and focus on excellence in this.

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