princess mononoke
princess mononoke

Princess Mononoke’s Story is a 1997 Japanese epic anime film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli.

This film is about naval or wild battles, with central battles in drama, this drama related to the 20th century, and the terrible nature of drama and battle scenes, including the topics explored in the 20th century.

These topics include the ethical and humanitarian issues raised by the war, War by the Korean War, the most Shi’a theme in the world war, it is possible that these stories are fictional or historical drama or self-biography, and most critics have noticed this similarity in Western film and wars.

Among them are China, Indonesia, Japan and Russia, where they have a special tradition of war films, and may be focused on their revolutionary wars but in various forms, working in historical drama and romance in times of war and secret leprosy subplots the Princess Mononoke’s Story.

Princess Mononoke's Story
Princess Mononoke’s Story


They do not necessarily differ, but include war, comedy and animation. They also include documentary propaganda.

There is a similarity to those in theaters similar to that of Western Sahara and the Pacific.

John Belton has identified important elements in the film, which relate to civil morality in times of war and the priority of collective goals to individual motives, including motives in the competition between men in groups of males and the marginalization of the task of women and secret leprosy subplots the Princess Mononoke

The film makes

The film achieves the highest revenue

Rogit put the film in its 10 moves in 1999, and from that it became the highest film in Japan, where Titanic took its place several months later, how the castle moves, and the two Miyazaki Princess Mononoke.

But Princess Mononoke was not innocent or affectionate but she was violent for Ashtabaka, the prince of exile, who tried to keep peace between belligerent animals and humans, and this film was even more successful now when it was opened in 1999 entitled Princess Mononoke and secret leprosy subplots the Princess Mononoke.

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The huge profit of the film, where Miyazaki was known only among hardcore geeks. Today it has a more established international reputation, thanks in large part to Princess Mononock and El Spired Away, which was released four years later.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film, he discovered the potential inspiration for the film and the secret leprosy of Princess Mononoke’s attractive and secret leprosy subplots the Princess Mononoke.

Princess Mono’s commitment for three years

John Bilton was not satisfied with the three-year-old Princess’s film, decided to announce his intention to retire but did not commit, and then returned with one of his most widely acclaimed films in 2001, produced four other films and founded a long series of traditions Fake and finish his last retirement for Princess Mononoke and secret leprosy subplots the Princess Mononoke.

Miyazaki was holding Puro Russo, starting the film and telling Empire magazine that the war had taken place. I learned that the human race was not learning anymore. I felt that children were born in this world without being blessed, how could there be a demonstration that we were happy, There is a risk and awareness of the children of the world of Ishtitaka, which is the fighting and Princess Mononoke and secret leprosy subplots the Princess Mononoke.

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