Katakuri stabs himself, revealing the true face of the family, Katakuri notices his sister used the poison needle to defeat Luffy, became angry, He takes unexpected action surprised everyone.

Beige Peru Catakuri is a perfect man in the sense of the word and he has never lost a fight, and he is basically a strong and supernatural hero and he is the alternative ego and his family.

Katakuri Stabs Himself
Katakuri Stabs Himself

It is believed that Katukuri and Biding are in a unique position and this is after comparing them with their sisters because the roads are paved To pass all the people who enjoy the natural or the hope come the rest of Charlottes in all and all shapes and sizes, but does not deal with each other well, and here is the responsibility of people such as Katukuri to defend the pride of the family.

Whatever that means and now the true self of Katakuri differently completely out of expectations, so if he has a bug China has invested unhealthily in that character he plays well and One piece 868.

Flamp enters the fan

You should know that the best-selling manga in all times and ages, and the decision of that episode is by definition of transparency as a metaphor for the relationship of the creator of the fan by assuming that Katokuri is a person’s position to a large extent and after all this how can be a manga author and take responsibility for one of The most popular fiction in history, and continues to the masses of millions over the decades and decades.

but does not gradually turn to the expectations of others while Luffy was on the way to the end of the big line, and thus became fascinated by the ways in which Oda depicts people sitting on top of the world Kiyado was in the case of Q He was very depressed and was bored and afraid to win all the time.

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Katakuri Stabs Himself

He made his hobby of fighting murder and Big Bam seemed to enjoy it, but this happened through these two people. But as the years went by, he was surrounded by the wild and violent little boy who was in the race. Reaching the top of the brilliant perfection that was demanded by all and One piece 868.

On the other hand, Flamb and her friends were interfering in the fighting, they did not hear laughter on Luffy conflicts and not only that he gets hurt, but it was very fun and he had the courage to keep the recovery Luffy was up to perfection at great times.

This is what distinguishes Katukuri and this gave him the incentive to stab his psyche in order to regain the level of play. He pulled his scarf during an outburst. From Katakouri’s point of view, Luffy had better than him and he had the freedom to be incomplete but the friends loved him because he was truly loyal and hence not Katakuri claims that his legacy has no value.

It is believed that the slow pace of the Anime began to work for the story and Flamb’s surprise for her older sister was bold and strange, but she was trying to reveal and publish that story when he appeared as a real revenge for him and not as I expected but this episode seemed to be a more natural turning point for fighting.

After being compared with the manga where he almost physically attacked her to intervene but he was working to distort himself and when he revealed his face to the teeth was expected to feel my friends and friends horror but they thought they were stupid and One piece 868.

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