One punch man
One punch man

One punch man is Japanese story, the story revolves around a superhero, and an artist living with a pseudonym that was first released this story in the beginning of 2009.There were many viewers who love that story via the internet, and the watch rate is 7.9 million viewers until the date of June 2012.

Moreover, the story of a man of one word, this story tells of a character called Sabetama, Wesabtama is a hero with a superpower where he overcomes all his opponents in one word.

hence he was always bored of the lack of a worthy opponent, and began to seek a lot by fighting evil to find a discount worthy of all this and one punch man.

Manga Electronic

A new edition has been released, through what has been todaiho from Yusuke Murata, where it was issued through the publisher Shonisha and the weekly did this and it looked at a site in 2012, and the chapters were done in the form of the volumes of Tancoion.

volumes of which were made of about 17 volumes in the Japanese markets and this so far, and sold  More than 14 million editions until September 2017 and a new English edition of the series was released in the weekly digital magazine.

One punch man
One punch man

Personality One punch man

The place on a large planet is much like the planet Earth, where there are so many wicked alien monsters, who appear mysteriously and may cause many disasters, and in order to combat those evils, superheroes have sent to confront them.

Sabetama is one of those heroes, he dwells in the city and he could beat the bad guys and monsters very easily, and this was only with one punch, he was always bored all the time, and despite his strength he felt no enthusiasm in the fighting, and was looking for a worthy opponent of the lodges.

That through the chain and events Sabetama receives a lot of superheroes and mighty villains, as well as monsters, it is known that Lsabetama is a pupil named Ginus and is a cyborg body, as it includes Sabetama of the Champions Association in order to obtain official recognition and One Punch man.

Wan has started to publish manga as a Web Comex 2009 in February 2017 CE, and has been issued 114 Web chapters Comex, this when the series became very popular and many lovers, and I got 7.9 million visitors until the date of 2012.

where he contacted Yosui Murata Luann, and suggested to redraw the story to publish in the stages of coming E, this is where the first chapter was published in 2012 and the rest of the chapters in 2016.

And the collection of chapters is collected in full periodically and also printed in the volumes of tancoion, and then gathered in Cyprus magnetically contains nine volumes

The publication of the story began in Media Shunnen GIMP Weekly, in North America in 2013 and then released the first digital volume in February 2014, this was one of the chains made available by Vez Ali Comicology in 2014 and the printed manga in the United States of America was released in September 2015 and one punch man.

The reception

One of the collection of 2.2 million copies Mtaboaih in November 2013 and the sale of 3.2 copies in 2014, the number has risen to 11.1 million hard copies and the series was among the ten candidates for the annual Manga Taicho Awards in 2014 and one punch man.

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