One piece episode 869 The story begins that Roger was known as the King of Pirates, and the Gole of the most powerful living beings sailed on the Great Line, but Roger was captured by this world government and brought about a change all over the world.

Wake Up! .. The Color of Observation Able to top The Strongest

Fighting Luffy and Katakuri in the final stages ..
Luffy remembers Ray’s training on observation Haki.
Luffy surprises Katakuri and starts activating observation Haki against him.

One Piece
One Piece

Luffy turned into snake man

There was a dangerous secret revealed before his death for existence The greatest treasure in the world, it is a piece of one Roger was the one who brought the big pirates, there are also men who carry the find of Wan Pais who was preparing a large and unlimited wealth of their famous and perhaps this is the peak of glory and is considered the title of hackers and One Piece Episode 869.

On the other hand, he introduced Monki De Luffy, a 17-year-old boy who defies hackers and does not recognize them. This is because the popular character of the nukes is considered evil in itself and hard and toothless and loots the villages and enjoys this well.

One of the main reasons is that Luffy being a pirate it is a pure wonder, and a permanent reflection on the exciting adventure that leads to people who are curious to find out where the promised treasure was, walking along the lines of his childhood hero and traveling with Luffy and all of his crew across the Grand Line. They lived in the adventures of Tikan being crazy and revealing dark secrets and fighting All the mighty enemies and One Piece Episode 869.

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Luffy and Katakuri are starting to have more respect for each other

The fighting is still going on, then Luffy and Katakuri are more respectful, and Loufi was very happy to hear that Katakuri was no longer considered a weaker person than in the final scene of the episode of Wan Pais 868.

But there, the captain of the Pirate’s theorem gave the defeated leader the losers in his initial loss The next episode of Wan Bees was that episode titled The Wack Up and he was able to force the strongest but Luffy is likely to be able to get a big force and one ring of a piece.

It is also still in spite of the fact that Luffy was facing difficulties in keeping up with the one Piece Episode 869 and the fight continues in and One Piece Episode 869.

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one ring of a piece this was initially Luffy was unable to fight and still receives

The strikes were very critical of Bigmam Peratis and with this and after the Flashback was introduced to, training with the Riley Silvers Luffy would be able to wake up hidden powers.

wake up! for the Flashback that was made with the hint of the kind of force that Luffy would launch in the episode of Wan Pais 869 with training with a rally where Luffy was capable of all the things he learned from Raleigh and applied in his battle that is still going on against Catakuri. Lopez Observation Haki may be able to keep up with Katakoris Predict what will happen in the future or suggest that a new title will be able to overcome the stronger and One Piece Episode 869.


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