One Piece 867
One Piece 867

One Piece 867, The story begins with the execution of Gul de Roger, who was called or nicknamed The Pirate King and this before he dies, then Roger announced that he has a treasure and he will be available to anyone who finds this treasure.

One Piece 867
One Piece 867

He started the big pirate era as a result of all this, and from here a large number of pirates went towards the big line to search for treasure and passed Twenty-two years from the time Roger was executed and then Monkey de.

It is worth mentioning that the events of this story also begin with the advantages of glory and greatness included in the life of the king, the King of Pirate Gold Roger, who was sentenced to death for unknown reasons.

Before disclosing the secret of the place of the treasure hiding somewhere and this on the big line before he executed the death sentence and after a long time, many events began to find the great treasure and he was eating a fruit called the Devil’s Fruit and was trying to find the right crew until the journey began searching for that legendary treasure.

One Piece 867 Events

In the episode of the anime that has the wealth and fame and power, and who is the owner of this wealth called the King of Pirates at this time and in the same age, gold Roger before his execution.

Revealing the secret of the wealth that he possesses as it exists in the basin of odds, the place where the treasure is hidden and who owns that treasure becomes the king of pirates and This treasure is hidden somewhere, and he’s in Grand Lane.

And then twenty-two years after his execution, a child with a very strong ambition also has a simple IQ and is called a pirate monkey de luffy, eating the fruit of Satan, which enables him to humiliate his difficulties and then decides to assemble a crew to sail with him in an effort to find this Treasure and to become the Pirate King.

Wen Peace declared that the treasure that was concealed by Gul de Roger, famous for The Pirate King, and this before his execution declared that this treasure is possible that anyone can find it simply and that caused most people to turn into pirates and that’s because they’re keen on how to get that treasure and the most famous of those pirates are straw hat and was led Luffy.

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Characteristics of the Pirate King

Greatness, gold and glory are known to be the three most important qualities of the Pirate King, Gold Roger, who has dramatically affected his life and has a file to look at. See that there are more than one reason sentenced to death for unknown reasons which attracted the attention of many lovers watching those episodes  Because of its excitement, especially after more than 20 years of committing this crime, we see the story that many of its lovers belong to.

One Piece 867
One Piece 867

Arrival of the straw hat Pirates

The Pirates of the straw hat arrived at Arbasta in One Piece 867 Episode, and those battles were led by the great leader, Barco works, who had finally been defeated after the Abasta had been freed, at another time and had joined the crew they met later, who were distinguished by the black beard that the pirate king dreamed of after going up to the Isle of X.

Cabya airplane The Pirates were implicated in the war between the Skabien and the Yuyitleev, rocks with symbols left by an ancient civilization to uncover the missing, and the pirates went to water ships for the Cybership merchant, the Qaranke.

The last Battle of the BBC ended with the rescue of Nico Rubin and this to build Frankie for the new Pirate’s fools, he joined them shortly after the pirates and after defeating Moriah Brook to the ship’s crew.

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The battle of Luffy and Katakuri is coming to an end..

KATAKURI directs Luffy a strong stab in his stomach, and Luffy is greatly affected by this stab.
KATAKURI felt weak and unbalanced by Luffy, which angered him much because he wanted to complete the fun of fighting with Luffy, and broadcast to know the main cause of Luffy’s fall and lack of balance.
The main reason for this was his younger sister thinking that her brother would love her a lot.
KATAKURI angered many of his sister for doing this and she spoiled him with the challenge of the challenge. In order for the fighting to be fair, he stabbed himself with his spear in the same place of his body, where his opponent Luffy challenged him to become equal.
KATAKURI apologized to Luffy for not being able to see the damage his sister caused him.

BIJI insists on carrying out his plan to assassinate BIG MUM. He has lured her to one of the neighboring islands with his favorite BIG MUM cake..



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