No Game No Life The Beginning
No Game No Life The Beginning

No Game No Life Is a series of light novels written by Yu Kamiya and then published with about nine novels were released between April 2012 and August 2016, and the author and his wife Mashiro Hiragi have adapted the novels in a series of manga for Monthly Comic Alive and this was in 2013.

No Game No Life
No Game No Life

Has been announced for the No Game No Life adaptation of Madhouse and was first introduced to AT-X in April 2014, and this was broadcasted outside Japan by Crunchyroll and featured anime film from Volume Six.

No Game No Life in America North Seas by Clash and Seven Seas Entertainment and was licensed by Filmworks anime, Yen Press from the Light Stories series.

Sora and his younger sister Shero, two of the contestants who formed Planck’s identity, were considered a group of players.

This was in one day, The chess games were identified and they were victorious as a result of them.

They were really about these games and were determined to maintain their reputation.

Defeated, Sora and Shiro plan to invade the sixteen ruling species and control the god of games.

The recognition series began in 2014, when Kono Lite Novell Gasugui appeared at the time of the development of all its sizes and is one of the top 30 novels sold in Japan.

In May 2017 more than 3 million hard copies were sold, And at that time the English reviewers were removed and this was in the first episode of the anime.

Although the reviewers who completed the series praised the dynamics of the characters as well as the strategies of the game and animation and there was a ball Shedid fan service.

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Shiro, Sora are brothers from Hikikomori and are known in the online gaming world as Blank, an undefeated group of players.

One day they were playing chess from Tate, a machine from another reality, They were both victorious and presented to live in a world called the World of Focus They accept and believe that it is a joke and they are called into a reality known as Despord there.

It is considered a mantra known as the Ten Dasport’s Ten Commitments that there is an appendage to each other and this forced them to solve their differences by gambling with games whose rules are imposed and rewarded in a way Magic while playing The rules are applied only when there is an identification of cheating and exit by the opponent.

Which allows players to cheat through magic methods, between Sora and Chiro as they pass the Kia, the nation inhabited by humans, and the Duchess Stephanie Doula to learn about the decline of IKEA and participate.

The two are in Desporad and he is considered a representative of the evil and he is overcome all sixteen species in order to challenge the Tet by another game and that is as of the sixth volume of the sixteenth under their control.

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Sora and Shiro

Sora is an 18-year-old man who has always been an outsider in strategies and cold readings. His sister was 11 years old.

Shero was much more calculating and logical because of her trademark of using spaces only as their names in the game.

The two were not connected to each other in terms of emotional connections to the community and in the end were afflicted with a thin infection and decided to uphold their unbeaten reputation in Tate.

The expression of Sora by Yoshitsugu Matsuka and Shiro by Ay Kayanu was the settlement of Sentai Filmworks in English Of the 2014 classification Shiro and Sora as one of the most anime characters ever smarter.


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