Monogatari S The Magical Power Of The gods
Monogatari S The Magical Power Of gods

Monogatari S The story revolves around the phenomena of anomalies and the gods and this is in the case of the emergence of Koyomi and a group of close friends of him and Tsubasa Hanykawa, a genius of that humble group Shinobu or Chino, which is famous as a vampire and loved Donut sports deviant.

Monogatari S
Monogatari S

The events of the Monogatari series: It is considered in the second season as it revolves around many individuals and their struggle to overcome the darkness is fast approaching, and has started a new semester has graduated from Araragi.

But there should be named in addition to relations and also friends who will provide them with these strange events, But the tiger has begun to appear evil in his absence and he must defend herself from this tiger

Monogatari S Story events

The story begins that Koiyumi meets with the isolated Hitagi Singihara, a young girl who has a strange problem of sedition with his sorrows, and after discovering her secret, That girl decided she wanted to help her and Koyomi found himself involved with other girls, and girls each of them experienced anomalies like the ghost of an alien girl, and there was a friend of his sisters Sani Karin

One of the first things we need to know about Monogatatari is that there are many shows that there is a show by Araragi Koyomi, an extraordinary secondary student who is also a perverted behavior and, most importantly, a vampire and other vampires, but more than once attacked the inhabitants of the city where he lives.

Because he acts like the head of the evil spirits and this is for a large group of young girls suffering from psychological problems, in the course of many arches, he will deal with Araraji and with him from his friends and they had monkey claws and angry snakes, both of them suffer from diseases Psychic, this was where b He began to frighten and frighten him from the city and his companions.

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The heroes of the story

It is also the story that there are different heroes in the views, and they have interests in sex, comedy and drama, meaning that there is Monogatari, a friend of Araragi, they become a service to fans of comedy and he was always focused on exploring personal circumstances to become a kind of psychological excitement.

Suffer from psychological problems of young girls followed by a group focused on the instability of the family as a structure of the emotional fronts on the basic identity.

The Monogatari case applies that it will be representative of character and tone or focus in brazenness and there is a medium and small ground around this pattern just because it has become aggressive and has become more cohesive.

The engagement was more difficult than the various dodgers and become more widespread and this series deserves to be watched for its exciting and strange events attracts The viewer also has the greatest successes.

This work is one of the works that are full of rich characters that have powerful voices and are characterized by a unique visual style, and there is nothing else for creators who print their identities out loud and represent many of the personalities and privacy that come from people.

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