Who has never dreamed of having a second chance? To get out of his routine, to explore other worlds, to start from scratch … This is certainly the main theme of novels for young adults and manga isekai, a fantastic genre that is more than ever popular and abundant in Japan.

“Isekai” means “another world”, “parallel world”. In these stories, the hero, most of the time a commonplace man and without success, finds himself projected (for example after reincarnation or connection to a game) in another world. In the latter, even if he has no particular skills, the main character will not face as many difficulties as before and can take on a new stature or simply enjoy this new life. Like the fanfictions in the United States, these stories, often inspired by role-play and video games, have made their mark on social networks, particularly on Pixiv.net, an ultra-popular amateur art platform in Japan. , before finding favor with publishers.

«Press the reset button»

“In Japan, there is often the idea that childhood can be quite unfortunate, with pressure on students. They hope to blossom when they change schools in high school. In isekai, it is also often question of having success with girls, “says Gregory Hellot, head of Kurokawa editions that publish Moi, when I reincarnated in Slime, one of the best isekai successes in France, where a clerk finds himself after a death in a world of heroic fantasy and the skin of a shapeless, weak and slimy creature. With a humorous side that has appealed, in addition to teenagers, to forty-something amateur role-playing.


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