Manga Isekai is One of the most important things is, he has a chance to fulfill his dream and have a second chance to go out to explore other worlds, and from here we start from scratch, this is the theme of the novel that belongs to the manga youth Isicai, and this is a wonderful genre which is more than ever a very popular in Japan.

Manga Isekai
Manga Isekai

Asekai is another world of stories in and from here he finds the hero most often he is an ordinary man and does not have the same success that was expected and how to connect to the game and even if he does not have the skills of the game.

The main character does not face as many difficulties as before, and it is possible that to take a position and a new place and a simply fresh, which is to enjoy the new life, for example the novels in the United States have made those stories that are often inspired by role playing and video games, which is on Social networking It is a place for amateurs and is very popular in Japan before there is a service with publishers and Manga Isekai.

T is worth mentioning that Japan is often the very unfortunate idea of childhood that students are pressured to thrive in high school.

Gregory Hillo, the head of the Coruqua editions in Isquay, France, says that the writer finds himself after a death in a world of heroic imagination and there is an effort Poor and stout with a great sense of humor with a teenagers and amateurs too and Manga Isekai.

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The idea of crossing the fourth wall of a wonderful world

Louis Baptiste Hochez, the group’s director in Lotto, is a French publishing house and is considered the most important thing, the backbone of the catalog, since most of the works are done in the medieval period, where they are governed by magic and sword, with a civilized and contemporary look in this era and Manga Isekai.

There has been gender affecting the readers at different ages of university students working in the offices and may be dissatisfied with their daily lives where Isikai places somewhere and can be allowed to press the reset button again, and escape to the world of imagination and idealism and this that the hero climbs the ladder on me According to the special rules this can eliminate frustrations and hope can again return to improvement era and Manga Isekai.

Manga Isekai

It is well known that the Asekai stories were very successful in Japan and this is exported to Morocco and the story began with a collection of light novels that young people love and that story was written at the end of 2000 and also was exported to the West and this novel started with teenagers and young people in the world of video and it is like pain The American series at the same time is an American Horror story and there are many similar stories.

Who has never dreamed of having a second chance? To get out of his routine, to explore other worlds, to start from scratch … This is certainly the main theme of novels for young adults and manga isekai, a fantastic genre that is more than ever popular and abundant in Japan.

“Isekai” means “another world”, “parallel world”. In these stories, the hero, most of the time a commonplace man and without success, finds himself projected (for example after reincarnation or connection to a game) in another world. In the latter, even if he has no particular skills, the main character will not face as many difficulties as before and can take on a new stature or simply enjoy this new life. Like the fanfictions in the United States, these stories, often inspired by role-play and video games, have made their mark on social networks, particularly on, an ultra-popular amateur art platform in Japan. , before finding favor with publishers.

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“In Japan, there is often the idea that childhood can be quite unfortunate, with pressure on students. They hope to blossom when they change schools in high school. In isekai, it is also often question of having success with girls, “says Gregory Hellot, head of Kurokawa editions that publish Moi, when I reincarnated in Slime, one of the best isekai successes in France, where a clerk finds himself after a death in a world of heroic fantasy and the skin of a shapeless, weak and slimy creature. With a humorous side that has appealed, in addition to teenagers, to forty-something amateur role-playing.


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