Maison Ikkoku Romantic Love Story
Maison Ikkoku Romantic Love Story

Maison Ikkoku is a story about sensitive cherry trees or possible exotic magic and martial arts, where he was in an eternal high school, and the story of Maison Ikkoku, a romantic story mixed with classic comedy.

Maison Ikkoku
Maison Ikkoku

The story begins for Maison Ikkoku in 1980 with Jawadi, a college student who was a struggling human being, who came out of his one-room apartment, had colleagues in the same place and housing.

Had a neighbor trying to spy on him through a hole in the door that It was between them and steal food and anything in the room steals, and was always watching and spying on him so he knows what is going on in the room and this story Maison Ikkoku.

As for the second neighbor, he liked to hang out in the room and sometimes he kicked him out of the room and slept by him, and the third neighbor was a heavyweight woman fat and has a small boy and that neighbor liked to sing and dance.

They were three meet in the next room and dance and sing, and Jawadi had decided to leave That place even catch the young girl Kyoko.

Jawadi loses confidence in Kyoko

But Jawadi began to lose confidence in Kyoko throughout the days, and Kyoko loved her dog Sushiro great love, and Kyoko called her dog in the name of her dead husband, Kyoko was a young widow afraid to love someone else.

That person is trying to forget her first love for her dead husband, and Kyoko go Always training for tennis in the meeting of the association is a sorority always go to him, and receive training.

There was a young handsome and rich and has a beautiful and attractive smile, and was when smiling show his beautiful teeth shiny bright, and was the name of Mtaka where Mataka impressed Kyoko at first sight Where happens in the story Maison Ikkoku.

On the other hand, the hero Jawadi had identified a friend called Kazuha and was a colleague in college and was out with her most of the time.

But Kyoko discovered that Jawadi loved her and knew this when Jawadi stood on one night and said with the loudest voice I love you Yakyoku, but unfortunately Jawadi does not remember everything that happened that night.

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Kyoko Otonashi

She is the manager of the existing housing Maison Ikkoku and arrived in the middle of the day, and the emergence of that director has amazed everyone but was attractive to all those present, especially Jawadi and Kyoko.

Be the tennis coach was a fan of Kyoko and was confident in her abilities and was always hesitant to him.

What Jawadi was doing

Jawadi was living in Maison Ikkoku in a separate room and failed the exam to enter the college and this had to wait another year to progress again to college,

But it is well known that Jawadi from the first second impressed Kyoko and wanted to prove himself in front of him as he tries to enter the college with respect and try to find a solution to this and do the appropriate work to complete that process.

But conditions were standing in front of Jawadi and make him the most difficult things for him, and he always underestimated those mistakes, he always makes other mistakes, and his relationship with Kyoko became complicated from that moment.

There was a misunderstanding and this happened after Kazuo became friendly to Jawadi Don Kyoko and Jawadi was Weak in front of Kazuha and can not be separated at all and the relationship developed and things became more difficult with Kyoko story by Maison Ikkoku.

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Tale of Yotsuya

Yotsuya was living in the room and was a strange person and enters in serials and was always open mouth speaking from the anime and all the staff knew his unique voice.

Considered him rigid, and was a personal annoying but he was a comic and humorous person with bad tendencies including theft and also unsatisfactory acts, especially was doing that all happened in the story Maison Ikkoku.


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