Kaze No Stigma Fighting To Protect Everyone
Kaze No Stigma Fighting To Protect Everyone

Kaze No Stigma is a series of Japanese light novels and the content of the story is made up of twelve volumes, that series was broadcast in 24 films and was named after Anemix Asia in English and was entitled Sitgma of the Wind, Funimation and played the role of Kazi No Stigma.

Kaze No Stigma
Kaze No Stigma

The content of the story

Kazuma Kanagi was the eldest son of the supposed Kanagi family; he was unable to use Blaze Techniaue and had the ability to control the fire.

He considered it useless and had no importance within his own family, although he did not have the ability to use fire. His mother insisted on competing for the right to use Blaze Lightning.

This sword was part of a family heritage. He defeated Kazuma, then 16, and was defeated before Ayatu Kanagi was 12 years old, and with him the second cousin of the family too and Kaze No Stigma and Kaze No Stigma.

Four years later he returned as head of wind technology, hence he had the ability to control the wind, and became a new name, Kazuma Yagami, Shortly thereafter, a number of family members were killed by someone using Fukutsu and assuming that Kazuma Yagami had committed crimes.

Although he was innocent of these murders, he was facing many of his former family members who wanted to kill, but the only person Kazuma wanted to fight was his father himself and was the most powerful user of Injutsu who had defeated him. In a duel afterwards.

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Details about Kazuma

Kazuma is a contractor, He is considered a rare individual who entered into a contract with them.Kazuma could take advantage of the winds surrounding him, that doubles his full strength.

This is used to heal his wounds, when using force, and his eyes turn dark blue, in addition to This force gives pressure to his body, as it has the ability to endure, and this works limits the energy available to him.,

After a duel between Kazuma, he returned to his hotel and met his younger sister, Ren Kannagi, a very powerful Enjutsu user in Kazuma’s right.

He had a passion to meet the younger sister but was never reunited before a Fujutsu user killed Kannagi.

Ren was kidnapped and after Kazuma returned to his former position where he wanted to consult Kanagi’s president and was intruding on all meetings, there were rumors that Kazuma was guilty of the murders, and immediately attacked as the head of the family and her son were working with Kazuma to save Ren and Kaze No Stigma.

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The story of Ayumi Fujimura

Ayumi Fujimura was considered the main protagonist.Abumi Fujimura was a high school student at the Seiryo Ayano Academy, Ayumi Fujimura was 16 years old and was the successor or president of the Kannagi family.

It was arrogant and not religious, It was taking action without thinking about things and even challenging orders for her father, she was not disciplined but she believed in heritage, hence she worked more than once as a voice of the mind although she was arrogant and thoughtless.

She did not want to care about the opinion of others but only take her opinion, and when Kazuma flirting with her was angry a lot and after a number of episodes Ayano realizes that she is p Alhakevh love Kazuma, the only person you want and love and imagine that it was stronger than her father and any other person and Kaze No Stigma.


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