Inuyasha Fighting Demons with magic sword
Inuyasha Fighting Demons with magic sword

Inuyasha’s story revolves around the fact that in Tokyo, Kagome Higuor Ashe lives on Shinto with her mother, she and her little friend Sutta.

Who is on her fifteenth birthday, always go to retrieve her cat, and she was in a well where the devil has a centipede, to the bottom, that devil was originally defeated 50 years ago in Tokyo, and the younger sister was revealing the results of the reincarnation of Kikuyu, who died now.



Where the sacred gem exists and is held responsible by the responsible priest, and sought to take out the whole gem and keep it safe from the hands of those who were Misuse.

Inuyasha Story Events

Kajuma came across a boy, that boy was fixed on a tree, and he learned that he was Inuyasha and Hoklab and this dog was half a demon and Kikyo was like a gardener, trying to kill the centipede devil, and he put all of this down with a magical necklace of iron to keep in line.

Kajumi’s body, the devil took a crow and was destroyed by Kagome, and with it the arrow, which caused the jewel to be smashed.

Inuyasha had won the sword of his father Tetsu Saiga, and then was put in a row with the brother of the elder half-brother was trying to collect pieces, although there are threats and was dealing with them?

The events that resulted in Inuyasha prison and death of Kikyo, half of the evil spider devil who cursed the bloody Mirto line but Naraku is considered the spirit of the gang that was inhabited by a body and then created by a large number of demons and they want to have Shikun Jewel to investigate his own purposes.

After the demons are absorbed to increase its strength until, the weaknesses disappear.

A group of Inuyasha Sango, the murderer of the devil and his clan, joined him. This was when their younger brother Kuhaku fell under control and Naraku was alive from the Jewel’s crust.

The orphaned Rene and Kikyo took the time to revive her and Kuga, the leader of the wolf tribe seeking revenge for the death of many of his friends.

In the context of the events there is a baby trying to overthrow Naraku where he was recovering restore free feelings and memories and helps to kill his father indirectly, although Inuyasha and his allies defeat him.

Sengoku’s period has changed dramatically, and Sanju and Meruko, together with three children, marry and resume his journey to kill Satan, as the devil was strong with Kirara and was a companion.

Kajumi graduated from high school before finally being able to get the eating well in her back yard to work again until Kajumi returns to her grace period.

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Romiko Takahashi Inuyasha wanted to make a story far from her series of comedy films, and this was to portray the violent subjects quietly.

The story was set in the Sengoku era, when the wars were common, and Takahashi did a remarkable research in samurai designs Topics in June 2001.

In the end, that was not the end of the series, because Takahashi was and still is not sure how to end the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagumi, Takahashi said she could not end the previous man.

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