GTO Trying to Pass The Big Exam
GTO Trying to Pass The Big Exam

GTO Ikichi, a gang member where Ikichi is 22 years old, has a high ambition and no one expected what that ambition is.


Story and what’s in it

Ikichi is the leader of a gang through motorcycles, where Ikichi Uznizuka, wanted to be a teacher in girls’ schools where he was weak in front of them for those beautiful boys and this was giving pleasure.

Ikichi Uznizuka, a favorite of Matsushima, always plays drama roles, and Matsushima was married to Takashi playing this role before.

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The best and greatest anime

Oznezuka is one of the greatest and best people I have found that anime that contains everything you are looking for comedy movies and also romantic films, drama, romance and opening songs drama.

Enmi is the same as Onzioka as he was a pervert while he was in a second-class college, where he graduated from a second-class college, he used the pervert element and also loved adventures and GTO.

Great anime

Enemi was always filmed and had a teaching certificate, so that everything we needed was tamed, hence he was appointed as a teacher in the private sector.

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Novel characters

Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old former gang member, was meeting a girl who wanted to go out with her on a date and had another friend.

Onizuka always wanted to see this offer, he also wanted to work as a teacher, and he enjoyed giving lessons to students and at times he was doing routine teaching.

After being appointed as a classroom teacher for children, he always helped students in their lessons and helped them overcome their problems, but he used unconventional methods to break the law, but he was always readers and culture.

The complete guide in manga

There are many who point out that Tomson’s imprisonment as shameless and was often sexually puzzling.On the other hand, the manga rule is that one day Onizuka was a great artist, but Jonathan Clements and Motoko Tamamuro had a teaser in this series that was accepted. Well I have an audience especially teenagers and GTO.

Jonathan Clementch and Helen McCarthy have noticed the use of the computer cloud and have an impact on anime adaptation and allow it to further violence first to live events in the ideal GTO.

Onizuka is the school’s Karate team leader

He is still a highly respected leader in the biker gang Oni- Baku and was shown respect to the first ringleader of the GTO, where three students were tortured until the biker gang was interrupted and gave them a special lesson, In this and GTO.

The two best friends are: Ryuki and Onozuka

Ryuki and Onozuka were longtime best friends and were leading the Oni- Baku biker gang for Swat before the start in the GTO series.

Fuyutsuki Azusa

She is considered one of the teachers of the Holly Forest Academy, had a weak spot for her and always respected her and Onozuka and treated her as a friend and over time Azusa began to develop feelings, but he was always shy and GTO.


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