Grisaia and the mystery of girls school
Grisaia and the mystery of girls school

Grisaia is A series of visual narratives created in Japan by Front Wing has been translated into the world by Sekai Prokect.

Grisaia and the mystery of girls school
Grisaia and the mystery of girls school

This began in February 2011, and may extend to a series of major visual novels and many other side stories, as well as adaptation of anime and manga.

And has been considered among the series of success stories that have achieved this success Front Wing and so far.


The story of the series is centered around the fact that Yuji Kazamy was enrolled in the Mihama Academy and lived a normal life of his job during his stay. He met five girls, each of whom had a reason to join the school to learn, according to their circumstances.

This was called his natural life, which is not Sui series and Yuuji interacted with the girls and was developing a relationship with those girls, although this was addressing a part of his shaded past.

The Main Trilogy

The first entry in this series is the basis of the visual and romantic novel, Yuuji was focused on and lived a normal life and develops those relationships with girls, this was in February 2011, and was worldwide in May 2015.

As for the second entry, it is the first visual narrative scenario and this with the girls as well as a major story that focuses on Yuuji’s past.

The series of novels was released in December 2011 and worldwide in June 2016.

For the third entry in the series and the final entry of the main trilogy, it is a direct complement to many of the procedures for participation and there are elements of science fiction, which was released in Japan in 2012 and around the world in April 2017.

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Other Main Installments

Grisaia Phantom Trigger: This is the next installment in the main series. This message, a dynamic visual novel of all ages that includes a new group of all characters and focuses on student training, may be completed for national security purposes.

The series was released in April 2017 Instead of emptying the plot with one of the novels, where that story is divided by a series of volumes with two main characters presenting the novel.

Side Stories

This novel is a transient visual animation that mimics Matsushima, which is a master character with many aspects of this genre.

It is not directly linked to the continuation of the main series, It is in two parts and the first part is published in Japan in 2014. All over the world in 2015.

And with these negatives within the initial episodes, it still clings to hope in dealing with the methods of heroism effectively and management.

After watching the fourth The previous was all just a hidden dream, anime cast any manifestation of evolution that needs access to the drama in the trash and was not seen And rarely know the characters, and everything that happens in the fourth episode has been written off.

This string may be exposed to all the characters, and there can be a bit of an oddity around these characters that eventually turn into their tracks, perhaps it is throwing the hook of the anime monitors, but it weakens many of the characters paths.

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