Gintama Samurai Heart
Gintama Samurai Heart

Gintama is a Japanese manga and has been written and also drawn by Sourashi Hideiki and started in 2003, and has followed that conspiracy of life and that from the samurai point of view Gintoki Sakata.


he works as an independent journalist and his friends are Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura they pay monthly rent, Scientific development until the characters are developed as desired after this editor suggested to do a strong and historical series.

The series was adapted into a video and animation in 2005, followed by an entire series of anime, which first appeared on April 4, 2006 and continued in 2010.

Then a series entitled “Gintama” was first shown in Japan on April 4, 2011 and ended in In 2015 these two films were produced from animation along with anime series and there are many numbers of hidden novels and games in the form of a video from anime series .

On the other hand, the manga was licensed by Viz Media in America and the individual volumes of this series were published and appeared in 2007.

Manga Gintama has enjoyed a very high popularity and has been printed for more than 55 million copies and is the best-selling and is the highest sales in the world and has focused on comedy in particular and there are beautiful dances.

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Gintama Story events

The story takes place in the late Ido period, when it is attacked by foreigners and they are called Amanto. The Japanese samurai may join the fight against foreigners. He would betray the samurai and surrender to foreigners.

A contract was signed between him and foreigners that would allow him to enter the country Carrying swords in public places, this is done by taking the samurai swords so that they can not resist foreigners after this.

The story takes place in an alternative period from the end of the Ido period, where humanity is attacked there by foreigners called Amantu the people of heaven and may include Samurai.

Istlms to foreigners and writes an unequal contract with foreigners entering the country and imposes a pretext to carry swords in public places, even They can not resist foreigners after this.

A teenager named Shinpachi Shimura is trying to save his sister Tae from a group of foreigners who want to make her part of a brothel.

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What was Shinbashi doing?

Shsenbashi worked with him as an independent man who worked in odd jobs and paid the monthly rent on the mixed house and office in Gebtoki.

The two rescued a young foreign girl named Kajura from the Yakuza group, who had the extraordinary power to kill people as freelance journalists.

When they were doing their job, they directed the police force Chinsingumi many times, they were allied to the jobs and they involved a group of dangerous criminals, and they eventually met with Gintoki.

Also the revolutionary Kotaro Katsura, who maintains a friendly relationship with them. Terrorist against Bakovo, a major opponent during the series, and wants to destroy the comrades of ex-enemies.

This story is commonly seen as a coincidence, and there has been a development that began with Takasugi winning the Allies, including the brother of Kagura Kamui to prepare for a massive coup.



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