Giants attack characters the story revolves around the life of Erin Berger and his adopted sister Micasa a Ackerman, and her friend Armin Acworth.

Who were living in a world inhabited by the human race in cities surrounded by huge fences and this was a sudden appearance of the Giants.

Moreover, those giant known as the creatures of the great humans eat for no reason little, and their lives may change after they show them a gigantic giant and brought to ruin their homeland and the death of Erin’s father.

and Irene pursued those giants to avenge them and restore the world from the hands of the Giants, and after that, Erin decided to join the reconnaissance body.

Reconnaissance Body: which is considered a group of elite fighter soldiers for the Giants Outside these walls and Giants attack characters.

Who is Erin Picker Erin Berger is the main protagonist of the novel. After witnessing his mother devouring a giant of the Giants, he began to devote his time after graduating fifth class in the army and a giant to devour him by a giant beard attacked him.

But he came out unharmed, and Erin wanted to fulfill his dream In joining the exploration, he is aware that he has a good power to control the Giants and this is using many different models such as the feet of self-defense and attack and the elimination of the Giants and Giants attack characters


Micas a Ackerman

Micasa Ackerman is the childhood friend of Erin, and his family and Makassar have embraced her as a quiet and classy girl, but when it comes to two bars, it is crazy. If Erin was in danger, Miasma’s parents had already been killed by slave merchants, and Micas a had been in shock until Irene had stimulated Micas a to fight, and Micas a was I have to protect Erin and follow him wherever he is even after they join the army.

He is considered the last person of Asian origin and Micas named by this name on the name of a warship in the Japanese Empire, Micas a represented in the film attack giants and Giants attack characters

Armin Argent

Armin Argent is a friend of Erin’s since childhood. He joined him in scouting for a meaningful change in the world, his dream was to see the outside world, and Armin Argent had an inferiority knot, was a fighter in the graduation exam, was an academically superior, and hated to be a coward.

But he was a source of trust between the truest He earns confidence and uses his brain, and he was always defending Erin and that’s when the army wanted to shoot them and he was impressed by a lot of senior army after the identity of the female giant man was inferred and Giants attack characters.

Armenians of Arlington joined the film of Exploration with Erin and Micasa, he was described as a talented, thoughtful thinker, a good ruler with strength, determination and ability to think, and Armenians of Everett made a plan to defeat the formidable giant.

Where he was the bait for Erin to the families of Berthold, and the plan succeeded but his body was burned badly and the plan was carried out with a giant serum injection, and it gained immense power after taking the serum.

Garcia Berger

He is the father of Erin and Ole Ali Micas, who is also a renowned physician who was respected in the Shiganshena district after he rescued the village from a deadly plague through vaccines, originally a second-class citizen of Marley.

A member of which he was aiming to reach his mother in Paradise Island and was intended to obtain On the strength of the founding giant, but he and his first wife Dina had been abused by their son Zeke, and they were being punished for turning into two giants and wandering in paradise and Giants attack characters.

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