Full Metal Panic Suzuki and Shidori Love Story
Full Metal Panic Suzuki and Shidori Love Story

Full Metal Panic and There is a military organization of dedicated forces whose aim is to eliminate terrorism and also all the threats to peace on earth, This institution is managed by humst, individuals who have the knowledge and the ability to create powerful machines and machines.

Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic

Susoki Sagara, a 17-year-old female sergeant working in Methril, was protected by Kanam Chidori, a candidate for whispers, He is asked to join her class at the secondary school and be closer to her and try to prevent her from falling into the enemy’s hands That is, if he can safely mix with his classmates without revealing his identity.

Susuke grew up in a battleground with little knowledge of the lifestyle of a high school student, adapting to school life to protect Kanam, but the enemy forces were already moving, and Susuke was about to know that the next opponent would be the whispering girl, Which is expected and Full Metal Panic.

The Characters Of Full Metal Panic

Susuke Sagara, a member of a military anti-terrorist organization, is charged with the protection of Kanam Chidori, a brave Japanese girl in high school in Japan. There is also Melissa Mao, who has never experienced social interaction. Daily Attitudes From a combat perspective, it is up to Shidori, who is aware that Susuki’s presence protects him.

He also does not know why Shedori was targeted by different organizations and Full Metal Panic.

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Suzuki and Shidori

The relationship between Susuke and Shidori was based on Japanese comedies. This indicates that there is interaction between the two.

This is in order to create a more interesting dynamic between the two lists, and then Gatto wanted to change the ways of that interaction Sagara and Chidori because he is tired of female characters that require protection in making light novels.

List of complete mineral spikes
Full Metal Hawk is a series of stories and short stories that have been released in separate novels, There are also three television series anime and a ring about Gatoo, a series released in 2011, which is a collection of volumes published in North America and is among the hidden novels that cause Full Hawk and Full Metal Panic.

The origin of the story

The story is a romantic comedy in high school, characterized by humor often focused on the romantic tension between Susuke Sagara and Kannam Chidori, but often with the same parody and anime stereotypes can not see the mechanical fighting or see the political plot, which It is characterized by a lot of the original full metal flea in that series.

it is considered the only reference of metal hawks, which is one of the most prominent and simulated simulation and they are all dressed in the army and stand in large groups.

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Key players

There are a lot of personalities who support the mission in the elite, who make fun of humor and turn the groups that specialize in conspiracies, They are all the most important members of the team.

Kanam Chidori is a vice president of the student council at school and she lives alone while her father and younger sister travel to America, and after that she almost took responsibility and contented herself with that and she almost fell in love with Susuke.

But he was a Japanese, but he lived like a teenage soldier and spent most of his life in the war zone, Military life was deeply rooted in his way of thinking and behavior, He was a professional but he did not have the ability to stop military thinking, but he was trying to set priorities and Full Metal Panic.


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