Fist of the North Star
Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star and Anuclear war that destroyed most of the globe.a life on Earth,
the fora dked.water dried, up in the oceans, the earth became a desert with no life,
no value for money, and in this troubled world, large gangs dominated the rest of life,
including humans themselves, and became These gangs are rulers of the country
they control by force and Fist of the North Star.

The beginning of Kenshiro’s journey

Kenshiro‘s journey begins in the story, when a group of Z’s Men, a gang leader, is exposed to it,
killing them in a strange way, dying by exploding their bodies after a period of attack,
and after completing his search for water.

Kenshiro is captured by the village guard force, placed in prison with a thief named Batu,
and guarded by the obsidian An orphan girl named Lynn, who prepares him water
and food.

Tells Panu Kenshiro: Lynn cannot speak, she was subjected to a strong psychological trauma
and she saw the killing of her parents in front of her eyes, Ken applies a cure of the art of the North Star and leaves it and and Fist of the North Star .

The village is being attacked by the Z gang, a man comes to tell Lynn that she has to fight too,
go and leave the key in front of the cell door.

Patou says Z does not differentiate between man and woman and Sheikh and he will kill Lin,
Saif goes to the prison yard after smashing his door.

and there is talking Lynn and she is about to die on Zed He and his men are eliminated in the style
of the art of the North Star.

and Ken is left fearing for her parents, followed by Batu and Lin, and accompanied by the search
for Shin the king, who has many gangs, including the Z gang and and Fist of the North Star.

The main characters:

قبضة نجم الشمال
Fist of the North Star

Kenshiro: It is called the Sword of Fire, an heir to the martial art and assassination known as
the Art of the North Star, named Ken and Shiro, a two-part name.

Toki: He is the owner of the will of his mentor, one of Kenshiro’s brothers, but because of the nuclear
bomb and its effect on nuclear dust makes him forced to take the will to the art of North Star Kenshiro.

Ray: The Fist of the South Star and his nickname Swan, a friend of Kenshiro except that the fist of Rao
Ali Belly Ray, makes him incapable of movement and gave him three days to die

Jackie: He’s the Big Brother to Kenshiro, and he’s stubborn and he can’t fight the North Star but Spit
and show his weapon in front of others.

Rao: Brother Kenshiro, a tall man who wants to take control of the world by force, threatens to kill the protagonists and fails to be the guardian of the Fist of the North Star despite his strength because of his arrogance and threats to control the land and is considered a violation of the Huto Nokin regime
and and Fist of the North Star ..

Secondary characters:

Pat: He is a boy who invented a plumber and a friend of Kenshiro, and became a strong young man.

Lynn: A little girl, her parents and her elder brother died on the hands of the gladiators, she is an orphan
and she grows love and wants to see her tears descend from her eyes and love to see the flowers

Sather: A stubborn opponent of Kenshiro, children are forced to build the world’s largest,
coerced pyramid.

Juba: She was provocations by Shane, to kill her beloved Kenshiro on King Shin’s finger.

Shin: He is the first king, and his fist is the Fist of the South star and depends on scratching, killing opponents with one finger.

The character of Kenshiro’s hero is shown to eliminate his sworn opponent Rao.

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