Fate Stay Night The Holy Grail War
Fate Stay Night The Holy Grail War

Fate S/N: Where there is a young man named Shiro Imbia and this young man was a warrior in the battle of the servants and was known as the Holy Grail War, Shiro coexisted with a heroine who faced magic and existed and participated in that existing war and Fate S/N.

Fate S/N
Fate S/N

Story and what’s in it

This story is a series of manga manga, written by Nishiwaki and was published in 2006.

This story is about a teenager who was diligent and sincere in his life and was entering the path of death to a cycle called the fifth Holy Grail War, and the fighters were fighting with magic and heroes and work to get a chance to give their wishes.

where there was a fire in the place has survived that fire Who was in the city of Fuyuki as a young child, hence Shiro was taken over by Magis, a retiree named Kiritsugu Imbia, who was expected to die years later, but his responsibility towards those who died through his father was a strong desire for justice and peace In it.

It was permanent training although it was not him His body was strong, but he was very small, especially with the magic and magicians that existed, and he was helping others greatly and Fate stay night.

One night he saw two powerful people flowing into his school carrying swords and spears, but there was an attack on him and supposed to be eliminated and witnesses of the Holy Grail war, after the warrior Lancer spear was chased, and after that warrior barely reached his status He was barely able to attack, Sherry was about to be killed when Saber Saber carried it out.

He was in the same case and was assisted by the participants in that Arturia Pendragon to embody a famous figure in history.

Hirou’s entry into the war must be formalized as a war, in its unintended invitation and some signs have appeared at the hands of Master Degree in Holy Grail War.

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The Fate of Shiro

It was supposed that the first class of the three heroines, which was a graceful and strong warrior and retained its identity, and was the alternative name and this after her role as a member of the Saber category, and was also the winner of the Holy Grail War.

The fourth, with another person and he was Ali Master with the most powerful Shinji Matou server of all butler and it must not be defaults to the former girlfriend and Fate S/N.

The goal was that he wanted to kill all the students from their school after the defeat of Shinji and Ryder.

Shiro learned that Saber could not fight and helped her to defeat the enemy Saber mana with all her strength without having an exchange with her master, and during the confrontation Shiro managed to pass By dropping one of the swords of Arturia.

On the other hand, Shiro was asking that Saber stay in their world and learn from the priest Kerry Kotomin that the Holy Grail is cursed, and recommends that the late to Shiro Kiritsuho, caused the fire as Shiro lost his family.

Shiro refused the idea of ​​accepting the Holy Grail but decided to accept the past Saber’s rejection of Shiro’s movements, the Holy Grail, is that she believes she should not change history.

After the victories of Shiro and Saber, Shiro ordered Saber to destroy this trophy and to make Saber return to the last moments before her death and hence the game is canceled and locked until it becomes a heroic spirit in the life of heroes and Fate S/N.

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