Urban Fantasy that If you liked Raymond E. Feist’s Krondor chronicles, then the perfect mix of these universes is offered to you with the title Gate. And especially Gate, beyond the door. In a contemporary Tokyo, suddenly appears a giant door in the heart of Ginza (the equivalent of our Champs-Elysees).

From this door suddenly arises a horde of Roman legionaries like monsters. Itami, a soldier on vacation, reacted promptly and managed to guide the majority of people to the walls of the Emperor’s palace while Japanese military forces reacted and decimated the invader. Japan then sends a troop on the other side of this door to establish a security perimeter, a diplomatic contact and especially an economic-cultural bridge with this fairy world.

This title is written by a former member of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, which explains the importance of the role of the military and gives a very original tone for such a work. A report to politicians particularly frank.

When there is a love for the records, a perfect mix of universes will be presented. This is called Gate, especially the gate behind the door in Tokyo. From here, a huge giant door suddenly appeared in the heart of Ginza.

However, it is suddenly from this section that the hordes of rheumatism are gathered like monsters.

Urban Fantasy
Urban Fantasy

“Urban Fantasy” at the American Gods by Neil Gaiman

This title was written by a former member of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan. This indicates the importance of the role of the military and gives an indication that there is a very original tone for such action, which is considered a report by politicians in particular.

We will follow the adventures of Natsu, Magic, a young firefighter who can control fire and join the Faury Guild. Tail in a fantasy world where it is called the people who can use the magic name Mag and this imaginary world everyone knows magic and the small Asta is considered an exception.

This does not prevent the fighting to achieve his only dream until he becomes the next maggi empire Black Clover will take the rules Shonen brilliantly same and any The importance of friendship and so forth, in a world with a dream-like lines of the title and its success seems to promise.

Whether in Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling), The Royal Assassin (Robin Hobb), The Demon Cycle (Peter V. Brett) magic is very much represented in Fantasy. Two titles stand out especially when we talk about magic and manga.

Fairy Tails – In a fantasy world, where people who are able to use magic are called “Mage” and regroup in guild. We follow the adventures of Natsu, a fiery young mage who can control the flames and joins the Fairy Tail guild.

Black Clover – In a world where everyone knows magic, the young Asta is an exception. That does not prevent him from fighting to realize his dream, to become the next Emperor Mage. Black Clover brilliantly takes the rules of Shonen (surpassing oneself, the importance of friendship, etc.) in a dreamlike world with licked lines. A title to which the success seems promised Urban Fantasy.

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The Heroine of the novel and what happened

Maggie is the hero of the novel and is one of the successful of a terrible event of the climate known as the big water when the water level rose and swept most of the earth’s topography and the population.

After this great event returned the gods of Navajo heroes and monsters to the earth and to mankind one of the gods Mezghani aka Monster slayer Maggie became Monster slayer just like him and after leaving the Ghanaian Nia suddenly Maggie did she not be able to manual work and reflect the skills of Maggie as a knight and hunter monster of all the emotional trauma that passed through her life and yet when the job becomes more than she can.

Magis reluctantly agrees to work with Kai A. Vissu is a medicine man and has no confirmation of the supernatural abilities and miraculous through that story as he learns to read the life of Maggie and Kay past, including how they survived the flood and how to help them super abilities and supernatural and restrict them, but there is a note of those characters.

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