Dragon Ball Super is one of the Japanese TV series anime, and has a strong view of what it is from a distinctive series of Dragon Ball. This story was produced by Top-Uppunch Company and was produced by the GOP5Bolio 2015, Complete.

It is worth mentioning that when there was writing for any of the individual episodes by the professionals in writing the script, on the other hand that the original serial Dragon Ball Torima.

this series is the first new story was shown 18 years ago and then broadcast anime every week on Sunday from At 9:00 am on Fuji 3 TV, but the manga version Tautaro explained in the sequence in a magazine in June 2015 is already ahead and then begins to tell the original story and New Dragon Ball AF Chapter3.

Dragon Ball did adventures with Goku and his friends after the defeat of Magen Bo until peace was restored on Earth again and how to defend it, but when he did so he faced many difficulties and organisms that are stronger but did not give up and defended the land against a very powerful destructive God, And in fact it reaches the power of God finally discovere.

Goku traveled to other universes to face strong opponents in addition to the enemies and then stopped them, and the Japanese theaters were already issued in 2018 and internationally in 2019 was released on the Japanese Una program, which does not defend Super Dragon Paul Hirose, this was based on the The previous events of the Dragon Super Bowl Super Bowl, a game of cards.


Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

The First Super Saiyan Five Ever Is Born (Gohan) NEW Dragon Ball AF Episode 3

In this third episode of Dragon Ball AF Episode 3 set after the events of Dragon Ball Super and we see both Gohan and vegeta fail to beat Freeza’s son Ize who has now transformed into his third form. Sooner or later pan foolishly attempts to attack lze and lze kills pan with a death beam and pan dies in the front of Gohan . The enraged Gohan then transforms into the first super Saiyan five ever and super Saiyan five Gohan is born.

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakumei

Indeed, there are names inside the first name on the size of Kimchi, he is the strong appearance of young people was wearing red pants, but not wearing a shirt and the other sitting on the throne and eyes gluttonous and he sees that he was asleep and was resting on his throne a yellow ball with a red star inside, but said it seems that we have guests They are foreigners who talk about them and New Dragon Ball AF Chapter3.

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Arion said he knew a lot about Sayan but he did not know anything about the other and asked him who you were and how I found this place. Frost came forward quickly and leaned in front of him and told him I was the chief negotiator at Plant Trade and said that I did not come here to inflict any kind of harm on you or I cause you harm or those around you from your people but I am here to bring the warning only and New Dragon Ball AF Chapter3.


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