Discovering Pachinko it’s an elment if japan that’s often over looked in guidebooks the game with it’s strange lights and sounds made alot of people intertained in it’s so fun, it’s a familiar addition for the Japanese cityscape it’s boldness make it seems intimidating and inaccessible a staple of Japanese aesthetic it’s customized and themed.

Discovering Pachinko
Discovering Pachinko

pachinko can make you sped a lot of money just playing it, the game is so addicted you can play it easy just get your small seliver balls to start playing it’s kind look like pinball game, the game is so popular in Japan.

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Discovering Pachinko

When a French thinks “casino”, it comes to mind the magnificent establishments of the Barrière group, the online casino of Unibet, or “The Four Kings Casino and Slots Game” on PS4. But for a Japanese, the casino is the pachinko. One of the things that any Japanese person remembers very well from his childhood is having been taken by their father to the casino to spend hours playing flashy pinball machines called pachinko over there.

There is always something fascinating to watch the steel ball bounce from one pinball machine to another. As a tourist, one is also immediately attracted by the pachinko lounges that are scattered in the bustling streets of Tokyo. This strange vertical pinball can make you lose hours by hypnotizing you with its rattling and miles and lights and music.

When one passes the doors of a pachinko establishment, one is faced with rows of machines, mainly occupied by absorbed players, of any age, sex, and middle confused. It can be difficult for a Frenchman to dare to pass the gates of such places. We do not advise you if you are migraine because you will leave your brain. Between the smoke, the noise of the balls, and the melodies 8 BIT thoroughly, there is enough to discourage more than one. But once apprehension is over, it is a unique experience that is offered to you: that of living for a moment as a local.

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The goal of Pachinko

The goal of the game, in the simplest terms, is to shoot steel balls that then fall into a labyrinth of metal pins. Then you have to try to capture as many balls as you can in the center hole, which will allow you to play a virtual slot machine and increase the potential to release more balls directly into your winning basket.

Since betting and gambling do not officially exist in Japan, your winnings (ie your marbles) are exchanged for chips or prizes. It sounds simple, but it’s not that easy. When we start shooting pachinko balls, we do not think we have a strategy. Fortunately, your neighbors will surely come to your rescue by explaining their best tips and teaching you their technique. If you are visiting Japan, try the experience!


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