Devil’s Relics For those who follow me, a dream of kid fan of manga is being realized …” Thus the rapper Maître Gims announced on Instagram, in July 2017, that he embarked on the realization of Manga. An announcement that, soon enough, caused a bit of suspicion and a lot of mockery. A name, Devil’s Relics, and a release date of the first volume, October 31, were specified a few months later.

Devil's Relics
Devil’s Relics

There are many dreams to get a second chance and this is out of the routine to explore other worlds to start from scratch and this is certainly the subject of the novels of youth and manga Isikai and this species is one of the leading species is more common than ever before in Japan.

Iskia is the meaning of another parallel world in this story find the hero is often a familiar man without success itself was expected, for example, that there is a major character will not face many difficulties as it was before.

can take a new place or simply this new life is the phrase About the stories of fans in the United States, where she made these stories inspired by the role of play and also video games, which have a fingerprints on the Internet and social networking, especially, an amateur platform for those arts is very famous in Japan and before finding Saleh with existing publishers

But the artist with the more than five million albums sold in France has seen others, he who regularly faces criticism about his too commercial music or too much variety for part of French rap. “His insolent assurance annoys more than one of his competitors,” described a portrait of the World of April last devoted to him.

However, it is with a certain humility that Master Gims appeared in July in front of the public of Japan Expo, the great French mass of the manga, to defend his project. Because if he is the designer of the original idea with his younger brother Darcy, he had to surround himself to achieve it.

Devil’s Relics Four authors on the cover

On the cover, two publishers – Glénat and Fayard – and four names: those of Gims and his brother backed by the French author Jean-David Morvan, who has signed in particular the BD Nomad and Sillage, and that of Yoshiyasu Tamura. Trained in the stables of the Japanese publishing house Shueisha, he had somewhat neglected his mangaka career to devote himself to painting and teaching in Italy.

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Press the button to reset

It is worth noting that in Japan there is often the idea that childhood can be very unsatisfactory and disappointing with the pressure on students, although they hope to thrive when they change schools, particularly in high school.

He says that Gregory Hollow is the chief editor of Korukawa, By Moy in Isquay which is often or what is related to the success of the girls, and that is when there was an incarnation in Salis which is one of the best successes of Isicay in France where he finds the same writer and this after death in a world of heroic imagination and skin of a weak creature and Of the spirit of propaganda that appealed to Ba In addition to the teenagers who play the roles of the amateur and something forty-something else.

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Electronic manga

It is worth mentioning that a new version was released by Todaiho, Yusuke Murata, which was published by the publisher Shonisha, which is published weekly, when I looked at a site in 2012 was separated between this and that was in the form of chapters and volumes of Tancoion.

These volumes were made from about 17 volumes in the Japanese market and so far have been sold from 14 million copies until September 2017 and an English version of the series was published in the weekly magazine, which is published every.


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