Clanned + A.F The Death Of Nagisa
Clanned + A.F The Death Of Nagisa

Clanned + A.F: The story has great admiration, and the beginning of the story when Tomoya or Kazaki and Nagisa Furukawa and they are all in high school, but they do not have the ability to make any decision towards their future.

Clanned + A.F
Clanned + A.F

Tomoya was learning how to morality and Nagisa discovers the strength and support Through the dedication of the couple and the goal of pushing him forward so that there is a face of personal problems It is also deepening the old relationship and help to create links between them again for Clannad.

As winter approaches, time moves into the world of illusion and grows dramatically

Family plays a big role in a person’s life

There are attempts from the family to see the family that began to play an important role in the life of a person of many things, but the joy of the family is their preoccupation with time and not waste time and this family always seeks to love companionship.

Tomoya always looking for the talented person but there is a strong desire To eat at a reasonable price but eating there at a great price for Clannad.

There were problems facing Tomoyon’s parents but they again met the whole family and Takafumi brought them happiness.

Tomoyo was comparing to the natural sakura trees that were always present in that town.

This could be done but happiness is always available in envelope but There was the last hour of Tomoyo Road giving us the same message to them.

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Life is worth it

Clanad asserted that life was worth it despite the difficulties ahead, but after Nagisa died after giving birth in Clanda After Story, but Tomoya lost his ability to perceive pleasures but was the only person in the world who could do this but was evading Responsibility He lives his life in random triumphs, especially at that point for Clannad.

The Death of Nagisa

Nagisa’s death led to Tomoya’s character very much like a character from an old Indian film, but Furukawa and Sana Furukawa were both more mature and blind, despite the death of their daughter.

In front of seeing the purpose of his life he had throughout those years not seen and failed in this during that journey.

But Tomoya had been struggling with his father after talking to his grandmother, that he was preparing the song’s title for the end of Clanad since his mother’s old journey.

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Panic Attacks and Disintegration

There are comedy, tragedies, failures, bad luck, panic attacks and disintegration and also faces for friends but will not forget the degree of life with Tomoya Clannad After Story and at the end of a real happy, note that had a sad end and bad things can happen at any time and is not related to anyone else for Clannad.

Clannad felt natural and gave us a miraculous idea, and most of the work of KEY was not done in everything he worked with and according to the simple laws of science, he worked in.

Clannad A.F was so and so it was a work or act which refers to the spiritual principle for this reason it was affecting the future of the individual Clannad was giving the player an orbit for this bright light and also how to make the right decisions in the game period.

That story of Clanned + A.F makes viewers immerse themselves in the world of Clannad, a vast world without a great result for Clannad.


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