Battle of Luffy against Katakuri
Battle of Luffy against Katakuri

After Luffy arrived on the whole cake island, he was very worried and did not grow a eye, where the events were in response, there were circumstances that came to the benefit of the Luffy team and the other turned on them, and did not witness any challenge to anyone from the Luffy crew, hence the victory happened without any complication or difficulty.

On arrival on the island, it turns out that the subject is not a joke, but there is no room for doubt, because the emperors are at another level altogether and Battle of Luffy against Katakuri .

Summary of Events

The Luffy team resists on three fronts, the first front there is luffy and he was suffering from an intolerable hell against the first commander in the Pirates of the sale in front of Charlotte Katakori, the second front is led by Jimmy Nami, and Carot, hence they are chased by Mam personally from ships at sea, the third front and is Tony Ali Sangi, after he delivered the cake to Capone, he completed his way to where he expected the meeting, where there is only one mirror guarded by another army of the mother, led by Charlotte Oen, the fourth son of the Charlotte family, and an additional battle is expected here between Sanje and Oen and Battle of Luffy against Katakuri

Luffy v. Katakori

Katakori: He is one of the best villains of the history of anime, he is wicked with pride as well as intelligence and betrayal, while Luffy tries to turn to Lime fort and Katakori beat him and prevented him from shifting saying I will not let you become stronger, and this talk differs from any villain or enemy we knew before, and he dealt with him in outset It was a serious danger, he was seen by the Almighty, but he only attacked his brothers and those with her, and this was through her needle that drugged luffy and froze him in his place. In addition, he was stabbed to death by the needle of Katakori’s sister and this is not to triumph and Battle of Luffy against Katakuri and Battle of Luffy against Katakuri .

Luffy: Luffy was not seen in one battle against one with the same level of suffering against Lucci, and this belongs to the follower it was a difficult opponent, but Katakori surpassed Ali Lucci in pushing Luffy to the brink of death, his battle with Luffy so far lasted more than 10 hours, and most of the time Luffy receives blows. For another, there are questions you really luffy will become the Pirate King of this lean level, even if Katakori is the strongest.

Luffy showed signs of pride, Luffy does not flee and does not retreat, was advancing to the battle and insisted on defeating his opponent at all costs, and could have escaped during the rest 10 minutes.

Battle: Since the beginning of the battle so far, Luffy has not succeeded in affecting Katakori except in a few positions on the fingers and saw Luffy Katakori lying on the floor as he eats the cake in a comic way lost prestige, and from here can luffy able to you katakori because of the lack of focus in the use of his abilities but Ka Takori is actually terrifying and Luffy was screaming a lot whenever he got a collision in punches and Battle of Luffy against Katakuri .

In the last chapter, a snake man, he took his hand and moved it like a snake to hit Katakori from unexpected places and attack him at the same time, but Katakori managed to repel those shocks and blows and hit luffy a blow that cannot be imagined its strength.

Battle of Luffy against Katakuri
Battle of Luffy against Katakuri

Loyal to Luffy must triumph in this battle must emerge victorious so that he can overcome Katakori but is not qualified for this to fight the strongest personalities, and will be crushed simply and will end the dream and Battle of Luffy against Katakuri.

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