Ao haru ride – Kou Mabuchi & Futaba Yoshioka


Ao haru ride is one of the most popular Japanese series ever, which made a huge success all over the world generally, and in Japan particulary.

Ao haru ride means “Blue Spring Ride” in the English vision, and Io Sakisaka wrote this series, who is one of the most famous writers in Japan, and her success began when she designed the characters for the fantastic animated movie HAL.

ao haru ride
ao haru ride

Ao haru ride overview:

Ao haru ride premiered in Japan on 7 July 2014 and continued to 22 September 2014, it contains 12 episodes and it is one of the best romantic series ever.

It was a light famous novel, which released in 2011 and had six volumes, written by Akiko Abe.

Ao haru ride turned to a live-action movie on December 2014, directed by Takahiro Miki and its runtime was about 120 minutes, and that movie made a huge success.

Ao haru ride story:

The story starts with a 17-year-old girl called Futaba Yoshioka, who is in middle-high school and she is the most beautiful girl at her school and every boy in the school loves her because of her curtness and shyness, but in the other hand, all the girls ostracized her.

She meets her true love who called Kou Tanaka, he was her friend during middle school but they did not talk too much with each other and did not express their feeling not once.

When Kou decided to move away to Nagasaki in order to live with his late mother and left the school, Futaba felt so bad and disappointed.

After that, she became a new person, who is not shy anymore and talk to everyone without stopping, and when she saw Kou again after he came back, she figures out that he became a completely different person too, and called himself Kou Mabuchi, and she saw him rude, cold, and sneaky.

Ao haru ride main characters:

Kou Mabuchi:
Voiced by Yūki Kaji, He was a loved student in his middle-high school, who likes Futaba, but their relationship completely changed when he suddenly moved away to his mother after his parents divorced, and then he came back to high school with Futaba but his name was Kou Mabuchi “probably his mother’s last name”.

He became a new person because of all his terrible grief and trauma when he knew about his mother’s illness, but eventually, his nice side becomes gradually more prominent and he returns to his old cute personality.

Futaba Yoshioka:
Voiced by Maaya Uchida, she was a very calm girl who always thinks that boys are too rough and violent but she loved one of them, who is Kou Tanaka but her love story with him ended so quickly at the summer festival when she surprised by knowing that Kou left the school and gone to his mother.

By that time, she felt so sorry because she did not tell him her feelings before moving on, and she became a completely different person in high school, she is no longer cute or feminine, and she always makes herself unattractive as possible as she can.


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