10 Mangas That Left Their Imprint
10 Mangas That Left Their Imprint

10 Mangas That Left Their Imprint Sazae-San, one of the first yonkoma The manga has become an essential entertainment media in recent years, the publication of precursors like Akira or Dragon Ball in France are now more than 20 years old.

It has now become unlikely that we will not know some key titles, even for neophytes, since this industry has been built for decades in the Land of the Rising Sun.

10 Mangas That Left Their Imprint

Journal du Japon invites you to return to ten major manga, which marked their era by bringing significant innovations and continue to inspire many mangakas in activity.

In 1946, Japan rebuilds itself after the ravages of war … A time when Americans spread their culture through their domination and greatly influence the productions of this period.

Indeed, the yonkoma (these famous manga in “4 boxes”) are a derivative of the famous comics American strip: Garfield (1987) or Snoopy (1950), are examples.

If they see their birth in the press, some authors have made mangas: Sazae-San (1946) Machiko Hasegawa is one of them.

Although humorous, Sazae-San recounts the daily life of a banal Japanese family after the events of the Second World War, setting a culturally interesting context for a story spread over 45 volumes.

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In recent years, manga has become a means of entertainment, Hence, the spread of precursors, including Akira or Dragon Ball in France, is now more than 20 years old.

It has become possible to know that the headlines have not been known, and this industry has been built for decades in the land of the Rising Sun.

There have been great innovations in inspiring many manga and doing these activities to return to ten major manga has been an advantage by bringing those innovations and continuing.

Sasi-san is the first one of Yuncoma

Japan was rebuilt after the war and its woes in 1946. At the same time, the Americans spread their culture through their control. There was great insistence on producing this period.

In fact, Yuncoma, is one of 10 Mangas That Left Their Imprint, was considered a comedy derivative.

In addition, some of them were born in 1946, He was one of them in spite of his humor and recounted the everyday life of a normal Japanese family after the Second World War. This is an interesting sign of interest, With culture its spread over 45 volumes.

It is worth mentioning that Yuncoma will continue to lure with the neighbors in 1991 and this after years with the cinema by Studio Gibli is considered a series of Azu Manga Daioh in 1999 to 2007 and they are considered the descendants of modernity and has laid the foundations of the impact of all things and a lot of humor and a simple feature.

The volume of the volume used by many of the mangacs to communicate with readers is Yuncoma.

There will be no doubt about the success of Sazae-San, which is in fact many, and it is still being broadcast on the 1969 Anime and its more than 6,000 episodes.

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There was a new Treasure Island and the basics of Tizuka Kitaro, which is considered a back-up and revival of Yokai Ashita Nujo and is considered an introduction to Kamen Ryder where this type is mainstreamed

The school has been carried away and horror in daily life and the French Rose has appeared Shogo Dramatic Akira with the French reconciliation with manga It was an invention of oppression, a refuge for the revival of that story.

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The yonkoma will continue to seduce with My neighbors the Yamada (1991) of Hisaichi Ishii, adapted years later to the cinema by the studio Ghibli.

Series like Azu Manga Daioh (1999), K-On (2007) or Lucky Star (2004) are other more recent descendants. But from Sazae-San, the basics are laid: realism above all, a lot of humor and a simple feature.

Similarly, the end-of-volume as many mangakas use to communicate with readers are also yonkoma. There is no doubt that the success of Sazae-San is for many: indeed, the anime of 1969 is still being broadcast and counts … more than 6,000 episodes.

The new treasure island and the fundamentals of Tezuka
Kitarô pushing him back, the Yokai revival
Ashita No Joe, a precursor of the breast
Kamen Rider, where the popularization of the sentiai genre
School carried away, horror in everyday life
The rose of Versailles, the emergence of the dramatic shôjo
Akira: reconciliation of the French with the manga
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: an invincible inventiveness
Sanctuary, the revival of Thriller


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